First Public EV Station Inaugurated in Mumbai

The environment minister of Maharashtra, Aditya Thackeray, inaugurated the first-ever EV enabled charging station in Mumbai. He tweeted the news as “Inaugurated an EV enabled parking lot at Kohinoor building in Mumbai. It is encouraging as we move in the direction of making Maharashtra Electric Vehicle friendly.”

He added another tweet in continuation, “We had announced our state’s EV policy almost a month ago. It is heartening to witness such efforts from all fronts. This is one of the many steps we the government take for the greater good of our planet.” Electric vehicles are generally considered environment-friendly, which is why the Union and state governments are keen on fast-tracking their use.

Some Environment Stats

A report released by the ICMR in 2020 suggested that Maharashtra is positioned second in the toxic air index in the country that has affected lakhs of people. The data collected showed that over 1.39 lakh people died due to toxic air pollution in Maharashtra in 2019. It accounts for 16.7% of the total deaths that occurred due to toxic air in the country. Uttar Pradesh remains unbeatable at the top.

India’s total death count due to air pollution was 17 lakhs in 2019, which is already a serious concern for all. Diesel and petrol vehicles play a major role in contributing to these numbers. The installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Maharashtra is a step forward to saving the environment and people who are suffering its consequences.

EV Enabled Charging Stations in Maharashtra

The EV charging station inaugurated in the Dadar area yesterday has the capacity to charge 72 electric vehicles in a single day. The station has a 2DC fast charger that can be used by up to four vehicles at a time. Apart from this, the slow chargers installed in the area can charge up to three vehicles at a time.

DC chargers are generally industrial-grade equipment that has the capacity to fully charge a vehicle in 1 to 1.5 hours. However, slow chargers are domestic-grade AC chargers that take 6-7 hours to fully charge a vehicle.

EV enabled charging stations are considered to be a corrective measure for desperate times when the entire world is facing a climate change crisis. More charging facilities will be installed in various parking areas under the BMC. The BMC has 29 public parking lots (civic-run).   

Earlier in July, the Maharashtra government also introduced Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy (MEVP) to encourage people to buy electric vehicles. In continuation to this policy, EV enabled charging stations were installed. The Maharashtra government plans to install more EV charging stations in the upcoming days.

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