Gujarat Jantri rate: Everything you need to know about Gujarat Jantri land and construction values


During 2021, the Gujarat government chose to keep the jantri rate intact in order to boost the state’s real estate industry, that has been hit hard by the different waves of the Coronavirus epidemic.

By contrast, in order to encourage the industry, the government really hasn’t changed jantri prices since 2011. That begs the issue, what exactly are jantri rates? What effect do jantri rates have on property purchasers in Gujarat? & Where can I learn about Gujarat’s jantri rates?

All of these queries will be answered here.

What is the Jantri Rate, and how does it work?

The government-calculated prices of property and land in Gujarat below where a property cannot be documented in official records are known as jantri rates. That implies both stamp duty and registration fees in Gujarat are computed using the property’s jantri rate value. As a result, jantri rate is a Gujarati name for circular rates. The state government is in charge of updating jantri rates on a regular basis, and they differ for each section of the state.

Jantri charges differ from one location to the next and from one property to the next, based on the kind of building, the infrastructure surrounding it, and the level of upkeep.

How to check Jantri Rate on the internet?

Just on Gujarat Revenue Department website or the Garvi Gujarat official portal, you may learn about the jantri rate in any given location. To find the jantri rate on the Gujarat Revenue website, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Go to the Gujarat revenue department’s official website,

Step 2: On the right side of the page, select the ‘Jantri’ option.

Step 3: From the map displayed, choose the appropriate district.

Step 4: To continue with your jantri rate search, provide the relevant information such as taluka, village, land type, and survey number. Once you’ve entered all of the information, click the ‘Show Jantri’ option.

Garvi Gujarat portal: How to check jantri prices online?

  • The jantri rate may also be found on the Garvi Gujarat portal, which can be found at the main page, select the ‘Jantri’ option.
  • Jantri rate on Garvi Gujarat: Everything you need to know about Jantri land and construction value in Gujarat.
  • Choose the ‘Jantri Rate’ option on the new page.
  • Jantri rate on Garvi Gujarat: Everything you need to know about Jantri land and construction value in Gujarat.
  • Now add the necessary information, such as district, taluka, village, land type, and survey number, to begin your jantri rate search.

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