Haryana’s Government Plans To Build A 1,000-Acre Global City In Gurgaon.

Authorities expect the Global City project to begin building in August 2023 or September 2023, when the monsoon season has passed. It will be finished within 36 months of construction beginning.

The plots for sale cover an area of about 142.52 acres. The application deadline is May 1, 2023. On May 19, 2023, an e-auction will be held for the three plots of 78.53 acres, 23.76 acres, and 40.23 acres. The reserve price for the 78.53-acre property is Rs 4,957 crore, whereas the reserve price for the 23.76-acre plot is Rs 1,298 crore and the reserve price for the 40.23-acre plot is Rs 1,562 crore.

Just 20% of the total land in two plots will be expanded for residential use, while 30% in the third plot. The remainder of the property will be used for non-residential uses. The deadline for submitting bids for infrastructure facility building in the next township is April 12, 2023. The date of the e-auction has yet to be confirmed.

Global city: Construction Specifications

Residential zones, industrial clusters, and commercial areas are all part of the Global City initiative. It will be built as a modern business hub.

Approximately 500 acres will be set aside for residential, commercial, and corporate buildings, with the remainder set aside for the building of roads, sewage lines, electrical lines, fire-fighting systems, and other amenities. The future project will feature a utility tunnel beneath the highways, which will be the first of its type in India. The tunnel will be used to carry various services such as power lines, water pipes, and telephone network lines. There will be no need for road construction in the future because to this tunnel.

Features Of A Global City

The Global City project is envisioned as a self-sufficient township with an emphasis on technological advancements and future-oriented industries, low-carbon green infrastructure, simplicity of living, human skilling, and job development. The community will include dedicated walkways for pedestrians and bikers. 

Connection In A Global City

The project would be linked to New Delhi and other areas of Gurgaon. The Central Peripheral Road and NH-48, which links Delhi to Jaipur, are nearby. Pataudi Road will also have access to the project.

According to authorities, an interstate and intercity bus terminal, as well as an integrated multi-modal transport hub, would be built in the area.

The township will be served by many kinds of public transit, including the Gurgaon-Bawal metro route.

An additional 500 acres will be built as part of the project’s second phase. The metro corridor will be included.

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