Here’s Why India’s Cruise Tourism Market is likely to grow 10-fold over the next decade

The Indian cruise sector has the potential to grow tenfold over the next decade, according to Union Minister for Ports, Shipping, and Waterways Sarbananda Sonowal.

The Minister opened the inaugural Incredible India International Cruise Conference 2022 in Mumbai on Saturday. “The Indian cruise industry has the potential to grow 10 times over the next decade, powered by increased demand and disposable incomes,” Sonowal said during the event. The Indian government recognizes this potential and has chosen to establish India as a worldwide cruise center with state-of-the-art facilities for both ocean and river cruises.”

The Minister claimed that many attractions of India, like its 7,500 km long seashore and massive river formations, are still to be revealed to the world. He claimed that international players have shown a keen interest in promoting cruise tourism in India and that with the development of suitable infrastructure and the adoption of modern technology, India would genuinely become one of the world’s top tourism destinations.

Sonowal stated that the government has established a Task Force to boost cruise tourism, which is led by the Secretaries of Tourism and Shipping. The Minister announced the formation of a high-level Advisory Committee, comprised of national and international experts, to help the Task Force in developing an enabling eco-machine for the advancement of cruise tourism within the United States.

“Four theme-based totally coastal vacation spot circuits including Gujarat Pilgrimage excursions, West Coast – Cultural and scenic excursions, South Coast – Ayurvedic wellness excursions, and East Coast – Heritage tourism were evolved to spark off cruise demand,” said Shripad Naik, Minister of State for Tourism and Ports, Shipping and Waterways. To attract Coastal visitors, improvements to lighthouses and islands are also being made.”

He also indicated that any other ability issue of cruise tourism that will be investigated is river cruise or inland cruise.

India wants to increase the number of cruise passenger site visitors from 0.4% to 4%. Within the next several years, cruise tourism’s financial capability is expected to rise from USD ten million to USD five billion. The Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways stated that in order to strengthen the cruise tourism industry within the United States, the Center has undertaken a number of projects, including infrastructure upgrades, port fee rationalization, elimination of ousting charges, priority berthing for cruise ships, and the provision of e-visa centers.

Seven major ports in the United States are being upgraded and modernized, including the flagship New International Cruise Terminal in Mumbai, which is being built at a cost of roughly Rs 495 crores. The renowned sea cruise terminal under construction at BPX-Indira Dock is expected to open in July 2024. The terminal may be able to handle 200 ships and 1 million people per year. Goa, New Mangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Kolkata are all undergoing similar infrastructural upgrades.

Source: Livemint

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