How can you purchase Dubai properties from India?


Dubai has risen to become a popular destination for global investors and expatriates alike.

In recent years, changes in the legislation have made it possible for foreigners to invest in the Dubai real estate market. It is currently a pretty straightforward process to buy a new house, assuming that you have the necessary funds available to do so. Seek professional guidance to assist you in navigating the complexities of local laws and regulations.

1.   Identifying potential purchases

 Decide on the sort of property in which you are most interested. When purchasing real estate in Spain, foreign buyers often choose flats, townhouses, or villas, which are typically situated in guarded complexes with community recreational amenities such as tennis courts and swimming pools.

Since 2002, when a royal decree made it possible for foreigners to acquire property in Dubai for the first time, the city has seen a development boom. Make certain that you are browsing in an area where foreigners are permitted to purchase the property.

Emaar Towers, Jumeirah Gardens, International City, and Al Hamra Village are only a few of the most well-known, elegant, and costly complexes in the area, among others.

2.   Begin your search on the internet

As with any other kind of property search, the internet is an excellent place to start. There are a plethora of firms and real estate brokers that advertise houses in Dubai on the internet for sale. It is possible to purchase property from either estate agents or property developers. Typically, real estate brokers offer resale homes, which are houses that have already been developed and have had prior owners. Developers offer off-plan homes that may or may not be completed at the time of sale.

3.   Make contact with specialised agents

If you want assistance with your search and wish to speak with someone who has extensive knowledge of the UAE real estate market, it is recommended that you hire an estate agent to collaborate with. The services of an estate agent include assisting you in the search for houses and explaining your many possibilities. Large real estate businesses will be used to working with international purchasers and will be able to communicate in English.

It is possible for laws and regulations in Dubai to change fast, so working with an agent can help you avoid any potential difficulties.

In most cases, if you engage an Estate Agent, you may expect to pay a charge that ranges between 2 percent and 5 percent of the total value of the property. You should always investigate the qualifications of everyone you employ before making a decision. The Real Estate Governing Agency of Dubai is the regulatory agency for the real estate industry in the city.

4.   Calculate the total cost of ownership

You must be assured that you can afford the property and that you can cover all of the associated expenditures before proceeding with the acquisition. When calculating the total cost of the property, you should take into consideration the purchase price, the deposit, transfer costs, estate agency fees, and the possibility of fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

Although it is not legally required, it is wise to retain the services of an attorney to assist you in navigating the maze of paperwork.

5.   Attend real estate trade shows

The real estate industry in Dubai is still in its early stages, despite its rapid expansion. As a consequence, a major portion of the real estate purchased by foreigners is purchased from developers who may or may not have completed the development. In order for developers to exhibit their work and meet prospective purchasers, property fairs have become more popular.

These property fairs are hosted all over the globe, so keep an eye out for one that will be visiting a city close to your home. Always ensure that the developer you are contemplating is registered and regulated with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. On the website of the Dubai Land Department, you may go through a list of licensed developers.

6.   Pay a visit to Dubai

Before you consider purchasing a house in Dubai, be certain that you have spent some time in the city. Assuming you are purchasing an existing home, make sure you examine as many as possible and ask the same questions you would if you were purchasing a property anywhere else in the globe.

 If you are purchasing off-plan or while the building is still in progress, be sure you see comparable homes by the same developer that have already been completed.

The print listings in specialized local newspapers and publications, as well as the opportunity to visit the property fairs that take place all year, will be available to you while you are in Dubai.


Because of the continual growth of new prospects, Dubai has emerged as an outstanding investment destination for shareholders. When it comes to investing in real estate in Dubai, there is no need to second guess yourself.

Property investing in Dubai is a wise choice for those seeking the highest possible returns on their investments since property values are increasing at a rapid pace, and there is no tax on rental revenue.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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