How do you design a Vastu-compliant apartment?

Vastu Shastra, an ancient architectural concept, emphasises directional connections in order to promote spiritual resonance in houses. There are various aspects of the home that may be designed according to Vastu to achieve victory and harmony in life, from the kitchen to the bedroom. We have compiled a collection of Vastu-compliant residential design recommendations.

According to many ancient beliefs, each home emits a certain type of energy that impacts the well-being of its occupants. To guarantee optimism and happy thoughts, it is critical to rectify these frequencies and shut off negative energy. Vastu Shastra is one method for restoring the energy balance in the home and creating a healthy atmosphere.

But how can you build a Vastu-compliant home? Listed below are some pointers.

How to Build a Vastu-Compliant Home

Pay attention to the entryway.

The entrance of a flat should be on the east or northeast side, according to Vastu Shastra. These are pleasant energy and tranquillity attracting orientations. South and west, on the other hand, are undesirable orientations for a house’s entrance since they bring bad luck and bitterness. If your front door is facing south or west, Vastu suggests various remedies such as maintaining the entryway clean, utilising a wind chime, and planting an inside plant.

Avoid having shared walls in your flat.

Having a shared wall with a neighbouring flat, according to Vastu, disturbs the energy flow. Furthermore, it opens the door for various elements to enter the home. If your apartment is still under construction, you might have a separate wall created to prevent this Vastu flaw. In the event of an already built flat, many mirrors might be utilised to stop the flow of negative energy. Also, ensure that the Puja room’s wall is not split with the house’s bathroom, storage, or bedroom.

Make sure there is enough sunshine and ventilation.

An abundant supply of ambient daylight is regarded as a sign of optimism and is vital in Vastu Shastra. Because sunshine is regarded a beneficial source of energy, it is best to have a window and balcony facing north or northeast. It will provide plenty early sunlight, overall wellness, and a sense of tranquillity.

kitchen must be the centre of attention.

According to Vastu Shastra, the southeast corner is the greatest location for your kitchen. As a vital aspect of the house, it is critical to ensure that the kitchen is properly positioned for wellness, prosperity, and pleasure. The southeast corner is also a popular location for placing the gas and stove. Make certain that the dish is prepared towards east. Furthermore, avoid placing the kitchen directly in front of the main entryway.

Avoid unusually shaped bedrooms.

Keep your bedroom in the southwest corner to establish a tranquil environment that will help you decompress and rest. It is a wonderful bedroom orientation that encourages healthy relationships and peace. The bedroom’s location towards the east and southeast brings up the possibility of dispute. Furthermore, Vastu does not advocate for unevenly shaped bedrooms. Bedrooms with square or rectangular shapes are preferred.

The child’s bedroom should face north or northwest, with windows on the north wall to provide for plenty of natural light.

Examine the bathroom’s orientation.

Most individuals overlook the placement of restrooms while choosing an apartment. Avoid placing a restroom in a flat between the north and northeast directions, since this may impair the inhabitants’ immunity. Also, keep toilets away from your puja room and kitchen.

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