How Do You Reserve a Parking Spot in Dubai?

Dubai is ranked first in the world for car density, as per Roads & Transport Authority.

In Dubai, you will see a variety of people who own at least one automobile. This is also why finding a parking spot in Dubai is so hard.

It’s worth noting where each house has its assigned parking space and related rights within the building. If a person owns more than one car, though, a dilemma develops. As a result, this blog will assist you by offering answers to some key issues about rented parking places and your responsibilities.

Rent a Parking Space

As a result of the parking conundrum, many people in the UAE choose to rent parking spaces from their neighbours. It is not required for every person in your building to own a car, yet many individuals in Dubai prefer to lease their parking spot. Its annual parking place rent varies from AED 5,000 and 7,000.

Keep in mind that this is not a formal contract. As a result, it is critical that you recognise that you are taking a risk.

To prevent any repercussions, it is recommended that you notify your landlord ahead of time.

Purchase a Parking Space

A homeowner in a freehold zone can only purchase parking space, according to Dubai Land Department law. As a result, a tenant who rents an apartment cannot purchase a parking place in the freehold area. Nevertheless, if someone wants to buy a parking spot, they must enroll by including it in their property title. It is also essential to pay an additional 4% to DLD as part of the registration price.

In terms of the non-freehold neighbourhood, they can’t buy parking spaces at all; residents can only rent temporary parking lots. Those seasonal parking tokens are priced at:

  • For a period of three months, the cost is AED 700.
  • For a period of six months, the cost is AED 1300.
  • For a year, the cost is AED 2500.
  • For a period of three months, the cost is AED 450.
  • For a period of six months, the cost is AED 800.
  • For a period of one year, the cost is AED 1500.
SMS Parking Space in Dubai

Transactions are now made with a single click, and parking spaces in Dubai are no exception. People can make payments utilizing online techniques in a very straightforward and convenient manner. As a result, there are numerous locations in Dubai where an SMS parking system is in use. This applies only to people who have enrolled their phone numbers with the UAE. It is also critical that they register their vehicles well in ahead if they do not have a UAE licence plate.

This SMS parking space technique is extremely simple; all that is required of an individual would be to send an SMS together with their area code and the location where they intend to park their autos. Also it’s crucial to state the length of time that one will park their car. Such parking spaces are paid for well ahead of time. Registering on the same website allows you to receive alerts on a regular basis. It serves as a reminder about your payment as well as the date and time stamps.

Free Parking Space in Dubai: Park and Ride

This is the parking garage located beneath Dubai’s metro station. All metro riders are welcome to park their automobiles here. The parking spaces beneath these metro stations are large and can accommodate up to 1000 cars at a time. And if you’re not travelling by metro but still want to park your car there, you must pay the parking fee. If you want to go around Dubai all day while leaving your car in the parking lot, you can use these services.

Street Parking in Dubai

There are several locations on the roadway where you may simply park your automobile. If your parking place is surrounded by a busier road, you will almost certainly be obliged to pay for it. Parking your car in areas such as the central district might be problematic due to the large number of vehicles there. You only need to pay at the machining centre and receive a chip or badge that is unique to you. Aside from that, you can pay using your cards, phone number, or other means. If you don’t want to be penalised, make sure you get back on time. One may not be able to find a machining centre in some locations, but they often have a predetermined amount fixed for various timings and durations.

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