How may a complaint be made under RERA?

Domestic consumers are confident that the new legislation will protect their interests following the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act’s (RERA) adoption. But whether or not people are aware of how to file a complaint or report a situation following the new RERA regulations is a moot point. A complaint made following the RERA must follow the format required by the laws of the relevant state. The grievance may be submitted following an assignment registered under RERA, within the allotted period, for infringement or disobedience of the act’s requirements as well as any rules or regulations formulated under RERA.

As far as Maharashtra is concerned, the procedures for lodging a complaint with the RERA authorities were made known, according to Ameet Hariani, managing partner of Hariani & Co. Anyone who has a pastime within their job description may file a report with the RERA authorities. The program can also be submitted online following the available layout. The complaint must offer:

  • Information on the respondent and applicant.
  • The assignment’s address and registration range.
  • A succinct statement of the supporting documents and claims.
  • The remedies and any interim remedies requested.

The complaint wants to report a similar application to spur lawsuits before the adjudicating officer for payment under RERA. According to Hariani, this application should also be created using the approved format and contain the same information that is necessary for submission to the RERA authorities.

You must follow up on your RERA complaint once you file it if you want to see results.

You can visit the RERA website for the relevant state and click on the link for grievance reputation if you need to know the reputation of your RERA complaint. The majority of states now can check the web reputation of a complaint. It is important to note that you are not permitted to file a complaint under the RERA if you are involved in a current case against the developer before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission or a client court.

According to the RERA Act, court proceedings must be resolved within 60 days after the filing date. If there is a delay, it must be disclosed to the home buyer and supported by reasonable explanations. Checking the grievance reputation will enable you to take prompt action if decisions are made using the RERA authority.

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