In Dubai, there are four different types of payment plans for property purchases

Dubai is now one of the world’s largest sought-after investment destinations throughout the years.

Several people are interested inside this diversified real estate environment because towers, villas, and neighborhoods provide excellent returns on investments and unique lifestyle experiences. Moreover, not all investor seems to have the financial capacity to cover the entire fee up front. As a result, builders have devised a variety of payment schemes to assist people who aspire towards becoming homeowners. Alternative payment options are offered by distinct developers in Dubai; thus we’ve prepared a list of the four kinds of payment plans available in Dubai.

During construction and on handover

According on the developer and the venture, there are several various of this payment plan available across the nation; one may find 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, and much more. This payment plan is divided into two parts: throughout development and after transfer. This payment plan is frequently offered by builders during the building phase, enabling consumers to make payments over a timeframe until obtaining the keys to their house. Customers will also have the choice of taking out a loan to fill the rest balance. They’d be able to pay in installments while still owning their home, however to the bank instead of the developer.

Post Handover

A post-handover payment plan is a frequent approach to pay for a property. Just after land has been turned over, the payments begin in increments over a period of 3 to 10 years, as the term implies. Instead, the investor must pay a certain proportion of the property’s worth before acquiring the property. Such payment method is advantageous towards both investors and end customers. This enables investors to lease out another property and utilize the rental income to make payments, while end users can continue to live in their house without paying the entire amount owed.

Rent to own

In the United Arab Emirates, an interesting payment plan aimed at end consumers has become provided. Rent to own payment plans are a handy and effective approach to become a homeowner that are prevalent in many nations across the world. Both sides enter into a contract specifying the period and amount of rent, which is subsequently applied to their down payment. Thanks to the deposit for a house, the rent will often be higher than the normal rental price. Following the deposit, the customer shall pay the remaining balance via a personal loan or mortgage.


The 10/90 plan would require investors to make a 10% down payment on a house before they can acquire it. Owners would be forced to pay 90 percent of the property value in payments which is mutually decided upon between both parties after transfer. Such financing plan is popular since it clients and the general to add the property to their portfolio while also still making payments.

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