In Gurgaon, the circle rates have risen

Gurgaon Administration recently hiked the city’s circular charges for the current year, which went into effect on January.

Higher stamp duty and registration fees occur from a jump in the circle rate, leading to higher real estate prices. The Gurgaon Administration recently authorized a rise in circular prices for the current year, which will take effect on January 1, 2022.

The State Administration determines the minimal pricing at which a property can be registered. It is the cheapest price at which a home or business can be sold or transferred. Stamp duty and registration fees go up when circle rates are up.

The goal, according to Yash Garg, Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon, was always to bring circular charges in line with market pricing because the disparity had grown too large and prices had not been changed in some instances in the previous two years.

The Administration has accepted advice from many stakeholders as well as revenue registration data to enhance the circle rates, according to the Deputy Commissioner. They made certain that the raise would have no impact on affordable housing.

According to District Administration authorities, the circle rates for group housing colonies have been raised from 5% to 66 percent based on revenue registration data. Circle charges for privately created colonies have been reduced by 5-10% in Gurgaon and Wazirabad tehsil, 10-15% in Manesar tehsil, 30-50% in Farrukhnagar tehsil, and 25% in Badshahpur tehsil.

Gurgaon’s group housing societies have increased by 66%, whereas Manesar’s has increased by 38%. The circular rates of sectors next to the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR), Golf Course Road, and Dwarka Expressway increased by 25%.

The verdict, according to realtors, is negative for the Gurgaon home market. A rise in housing prices in Gurgaon will be harmful, especially at a time when the industry is still attempting to recover from the epidemic.

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