India has built its own ‘Google map’ to speed up infra projects!

We frequently see freshly constructed roadways that have been dug out to fully enclose brand-new pipes. One reason for this is the absence of centralized data that might guide such projects and allow us to include the pipes as soon as the roads are constructed. A delay in centralized infrastructure projects after road construction is another common difficulty. To solve these problems, the Indian government has given you access to a brand-new virtual tool that is colloquially known as “India’s Google Map Infrastructure Development.” It is officially known as the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan for Connectivity, which is a virtual tool to help the government solve these issues.

Talks to create the Dholera Smart City competition in Gujarat began back in 2012. There hasn’t been a railroad station within 40 miles of the place, nevertheless. To solve the issue, a virtual map of Dholera and the area around it was made to gain a sense of the place, after which a railway line was made. However, additional issues like the destruction of pipelines and sewage lines have increased the cost of infrastructure. The Dholera Challenge was the first to identify this issue and provide a special purpose vehicle (SPV) in collaboration with the National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (NICDC) Trust. The entire incident was a contributing aspect to the development of the current PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan.

It is a map-based infrastructure that the Indian government released in 2021. It provides a dashboard with an aerial image of all the country’s tunnels, highways, pipelines, bridges, forests, transmission cables, and airports. It resembles Google Maps in several ways, but for Indian infrastructure. It was developed by the Bhaskaracharya National Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics and would aid in the planning and implementation of complex projects (BISAG-N). 1390 large-scale infrastructure projects have been successfully pushed back in time.

Gati Shakti now has 2000 layers of data and is growing minute by minute as more and more important data and national bodies are being sent into the system. This aids in the planning of our infrastructure. Initiatives in India are hampered by delay, which might now be centralized. One of the program’s original users is the Kerala government. Under 3 tiers, the initiatives of this plan might be examined:

  • Technical Support Unit, which is the entry-level position
  • The National Planning Group (NPG), handles any conflicts and issues that may arise.
  • An empowered group of secretaries, who operates at the highest level and handles any lingering disputes or pressing issues.

The important government is encouraging bigger companies to use this platform in addition to the 23 important ministries that are currently using it in all the states and union territories. However, because cyber hacking is so common, the government must also exercise caution while handling sensitive information. Land use has always been the Achilles’ heel of unbiased India, and there may be a lack of digitized land records. Last but not least, Indian schemes demand intensive execution, which we must do effectively.

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