Geo-mapping of dwellings in municipal areas is on the cards, according to the Goa minister.

Vishwajit Rane, minister of urban development, stated that the government will shortly do satellite modeling of all urban homes. It will entail geo-mapping municipal ward borders. According to Rane, all municipalities will have access to this information within the next five months.

Rane stated that the purpose of this effort would be to provide civic entities with live recordings. Citizens should not be concerned since no taxes will be raised. We have to undertake a special variety of assessments using geo-mapping of dwellings, he added, stressing that GIS-based property tax evaluation is also in the works. 

He stated that the Union government has started an Rs 8,800 crore township programme, akin to smart cities. “We have located property near the project Mopa airport location, and I advise that Ponda be given precedence after Panaji,” he stated.

Rane further stated that a grand plan for Ponda town was accepted at a recent meeting of the Goa State Urban Development Agency. “We have to go via the means of local bodies if we want to grow,” Rane remarked.

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