India’s tallest buildings: Here’s a list of the top six tallest structures in the country

The development boom has radically altered the Indian skyline. Check out the list of India’s tallest buildings, the most of which are in Mumbai.

Due to the development boom in metro centres, the skyline of Indian cities has altered dramatically during the last 20 years. Areas that used to be dominated by low-rise residential complexes are now peppered with the country’s most opulent skyscrapers, which house some of the country’s wealthiest residents. According to a preliminary estimate, Mumbai alone has about 50 skyscrapers, followed by Kolkata with 12 towers. While a number of skyscrapers are still under development, the following is a list of India’s highest buildings that are currently functioning and liveable.

Location and description of India’s tallest structures

World One

City: Mumbai Height: 280.2 metres

World One, the tallest skyscraper in Mumbai and India, was created by the Lodha Group and is located on the 7.1-hectare site of the defunct Shrinivas Mill. Two more lesser towers are also located on the property. The tower was originally planned to be 442 metres tall but owing to a lack of approval from the Airports Authority of India (AAI), it was altered to its present height, making it India’s highest building.

World View

City: Mumbai Height: 277.5 metres

World View shares the same building as World One. This is India’s second-tallest tower, with 73 stories. The project began in 2015 and took five years to complete. This complex, which is located in Lower Parel, is a well-known landmark in the neighbourhood.

The Park

City: Mumbai Height: 268 metres

The Park is a premium residential property created by the Lodha Group that spans 17.5 acres. The project was a big success, with numerous celebrities buying homes here, including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who purchased a four-bedroom property. This 78-story building is India’s highest and exclusively provides ultra-luxury flats to a chosen few.

Nathani Heights

City: Mumbai Height: 262 metres

Nathani Heights is a residential tower in the Mahalaxmi neighbourhood of Mumbai. The building of this tower began in 2012 and took eight years to complete. This highest-floor skyscraper in India has 72 stories and is located in one of Mumbai’s busiest neighbourhoods.

The Imperial I and The Imperial II

City: Mumbai Height: 256 metres

The Imperial is a luxury hotel in Mumbai’s Tardeo neighbourhood that was built on former slum property. Many high-net-worth individuals live in the complex (HNIs). This was India’s first project of its sort, with contemporary twin-towers being built for residential use. Hafeez Contractor created the project, and it is one of his most well-known works.

The 42

City: Kolkata Height: 249 metres

This is the highest skyscraper in East India. The 42 is a residential skyscraper in Kolkata that stands in Chowringhee, the city’s major commercial centre. After a long delay, the construction of India’s tallest 65-story skyscraper was completed in 2019.

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