Indoor plants that are ideal for tiny spaces and flats

Who doesn’t like a little bit of nature in their household? Nevertheless, in cities such as Mumbai, wherein flat spaces are modest, finding a suitable location for a plant might be difficult. Only one option is to select indoor plants that can survive in small places and require little sunlight and maintenance.

The general rule is to use tiny vases and plants having twigs to avoid cluttering the space. If you have a blank wall near the balcony, you may utilise it to plant climbers, which will free up a lot of floor space even while providing a lot of greenery.

Below is a selection of indoor plants which are readily accessible in India and can be used to decorate a modest studio apartment or a hostel room.

Snake plant

Such plants are among the most forgiving on the market, and they may survive for weeks on very little sunlight and water. These don’t shed their shape or appearance quickly, and they may thrive practically anyplace, making them ideal for people who are new to gardening. By eliminating contaminants from the air, they additionally serve as a natural air cleanser. It is the most popular plant for people that do not have a huge amount of time to take place through the process because it is low-maintenance and very affordable.

Peace lily

This low-growing shrub has dark, glossy green foliage and huge, pure white blooms. Comfort lilies need not involve explicit sunshine and it can be grown in areas with plenty of light. Because it is a perennial herb, this plant can be grown in elegant interior containers. It doesn’t need much moisture, yet when it does, you can see the leaves sagging. Unlike fresh air cleaner, this one start to break down hazardous chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide in the ambient.

Money plants 

Money plants are one of the most popular indoor plants among many homeowners since they are simple to care for, easy to grow, and consume little water. You may need to refresh the water once a week if you have money plants in water. Money plants are common climbers that can be planted across a wall to let them to rise with the wall’s assistance. These are also natural air filters that remove toxins from the atmosphere.


Jade is yet another evergreen plant that has a two-year lifecycle. You don’t have to water it very often or maintain it in direct sunlight because it’s a low-maintenance plant. Jade features exquisite pink and white blossoms that complement the plant’s elegance. They are extremely hardy and easy to cultivate indoors, as they acclimatize very well to warm, dry conditions.

Golden pothos

It is yet another beautiful green indoor plant that will brighten up your space. These look great in overhanging baskets and can also be used as climbers. They can live in low-light circumstances as well, although the leaves will be smaller. According to Vastu, pothos are highly lucky since they create a very pleasant environment in the home. They are simple to grow and demand little upkeep.

Bamboo plant

According to Feng Shui, bamboo plants are particularly lucky for households. They are simple to care for and do not require direct sunshine. They may thrive in either pure water or dirt. You may need to replace it every two weeks if you plan to plant it in water. Among the most common plants found in Indian homes is the fortunate bamboo plant. They’re easy to come by and are reasonably priced.

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