KERALA: Innovative Drone technology will shortly be used to trace villages

As a basis for formulating the strategy in the state, the state government established the state steering committee, district monitoring and review committee, taluk-level committee, and panchayat and urban local monitoring committees, according to a notification made by the tax authority.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: It is Kerala‘s leading information technology hotspot, accounting for 55% of the territory’s software exports. The state has now started up the Council’s aspirational survey of villages Abadi and surveying with improved technology in village areas (SVAMITVA scheme), aiming to provide an investment holding verification platform for houses in remote regions using innovative drones analysis technology. 

Drones are promising to be hugely advantageous in areas where individuals cannot reach or operate in a fast and effective manner, from making quick consignments during peak traffic to tracking a hard-to-reach army base. Drones have now become core to the systems of various corporations and governmental entities in the last several years, piercing via places where some sectors were mostly sluggish or struggling apart.

As part of implementing the scheme in the state, the state government has formed the state steering committee, district monitoring, and review committee, taluk-level committee, panchayat, and urban local monitoring committees. 

The initiative, which covers all rural areas in the country, is also being carried out in collaboration with the Survey of India, the National Informatics Centre, the Tax Department, the Revenue Department, and the Survey and Land Records Department. The study executive will serve as the mission’s branch commander in the region.

In addition to the drone survey, the state government has been designed to participate with financial institutions that the estate cards are recognized by them, that the estate cards are attached to the state’s property records, that the registration department allows the establishment of enrolled mortgages and the sale of those properties, and that the geographical document is created and geotagged. The precise study using drone technology, as an outcome of which town residential landlords will earn the ‘list of privileges’ of their residences as estate tokens, will allow them to use their house as a capital asset for taking out loans and some other extra benefits from banking institutions.

The study is anticipated to simplify local governments’ commitment to real estate taxes for lands, the safekeeping and servicing of government and public landed properties, and mitigate property-related conflicts.

In that order, the founder of the four boards at the four stages in the region will be the additional chief secretary (revenue), district collector, tahsildar, and panchayat president or municipal chairperson.

There are 1670 villages in the state. Under the plan, the drone study has now been accomplished in 54,023 districts all over the country. The national strategy, which was initiated the year before, has produced real estate cards for 7,376 rural communities in seven states, including Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh

The respective authority would have also determined the intensity of re-survey updates. Once the drone experiment is finished, and the online graphs are created, the selected state governments will be in charge of updating the estate and chart information in the future.

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