Kerala rushes one step closer to industrial development with GIFT city: report confirms

Scores of people must have seen the news channels flashing chunks of information on GIFT City; however, before one can trace clarity on the developmental projects, it is important to toss away the dilemma.

It is time to address the pertinent question. What do you mean by a GIFT City? GIFT City unfolds its meaning with the full-form “ Global Industrial Finance and Trade.” It is a government project which is the much-needed amalgamation of the latest technology and infrastructure. GIFT City is a government undertaking project, which is all about tall gleaming towers, fresh drinking water, a strong power supply, and innovative automated waste collection. The idea of the GIST City is stemmed from the fact that the smart metropolis city will double up as a financial hub. The best example of GIFT City is Gujrat, which has attracted lots of opportunities to scale the economy to new heights. From technology to the financial sector, GIFT City is the perfect way to mark a strong economy on the global map. 

Keeping this in consideration, the SIA report confirms that the Kerala government can scoot one step closer to industrial development with the GIFT City project. However, it argues that with the development of the GIFT City project in Kerala, it should serve compensation, rehabilitation, and employment to the affected families. The SIA report has been prepared by Rajagiri OutReach, which is a non-government organization that is reaching out to the government with the concerns of the residents. The report stresses the emphasis on the fact that the tree cover in the 220 hectares of land will be swiped off, whereas a strong number of residents have showcased their discomfort to give the land for the project. 

Jose Chullikkaran, the convener of the protest committee against the project, stated, “We are living peacefully with nature. Why are the authorities hell-bent on implementing the project on our agricultural land by dislodging us from our houses‘ ‘. There are scores of other people like Jose Chullikkaran who have expressed their strong concerns and worries about the new development project. 

In no small measure, with the GIFT City project, India will start its climb up the apogee and retain its strong position in the fastest growing economies of the world. The Modi government has never failed to grasp a chance when it comes to boosting the economy, expanding operations, and creating employment opportunities, and GIFT City is one of them. However, on the one hand, if it promises industrial development, it also brings the concerns of the residents into the limelight. Only time will tell how the GIFT City project in Kerala pan out. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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