Kidderpore, Kolkata is a residential and commercial district.

Kidderpore Kolkata is a diverse urban area with several alternatives. The area is located in the Indian state of West Bengal, to the west of the metropolis. On the eastern and southern sides, Alipore and Mominpur surround the region. Garden Reach has a southwest boundary with Kidderpore. The famed Hooghly River flows through the region to the west. Kidderpore Kolkata is well-known for its historic tram and maritime connections. The region is home to the country’s oldest river port, allowing for thriving waterway trade and commerce. The area is also known for its inexpensive marketplaces and delectable Mughlai food.

The traditional fishing community of Bengal used to refer to Kidderpore as Khidrpur. To the locals, Khidr means “guardian saint of the waves.” The name reflects Kidderpore Kolkata’s role in marine transit and trading. To date, the name has been changed multiple times. That is how the region got its name from today’s Kidderpore. The area is extensively inhabited by indigenous and remains to assist India’s maritime trade.

Kidderpore is well-known for servicing British trade in the late 1800s. The facility housed the Port of Kolkata’s wet docks. The region also has a rich history in the arts and literature. Some famous Indian poets were born in this location. In recent years, the neighbourhood has developed into a business powerhouse. It attracts large crowds that come to get the best deals on electronics, clothing, and cosmetics. Real estate investment is also thriving in Kidderpore Kolkata

Kidderpore Kolkata Real Estate Market

Kidderpore is a major urban neighbourhood in Kolkata with intriguing real estate investment options. The region is well-connected to the city’s major areas. The area’s properties feature the greatest civic and leisure facilities. Because of recent advancements in infrastructure and communication, the local property market is highly optimistic. The West Bengal State Government is also supportive of Kidderpore Kolkata’s regional economic possibilities. 

Kidderpore Kolkata Property Options and Prices

Kidderpore Kolkata real estate projects are mostly focused on residential constructions. Property is available in key locations of the area at moderate costs. Residential plots, flats, and apartments are available. There are also villas and builder floors available. The homes are available for rent as well as buy. The apartments are semi- and completely furnished, with all basic conveniences.

The average price of a property in Kidderpore is Rs. 9,700 per square foot. Apartments and flats feature two and three bedrooms. The 2-bedroom arrangement is more popular in the area. Many choices are available in this setup at a price range of 17 Lakhs to 1 Crore. In various areas of Kidderpore Kolkata, 1-bedroom apartments are also available.

Kidderpore, Kolkata: Major Real Estate Projects

  1. Tata 88 East

Tata 88 East is a development project in Alipore, Kolkata, near Kidderpore. The project provides residential units with 3 and 4 bedrooms. These homes are priced between 3.32 crores and 5.33 crores. The project is scheduled to be finished in March 2027. Keventer Projects Limited and Tata Housing Development Company Limited collaborated on the project. The high-rise structure will be 43 stories tall. The development boasts abundant flora, expansive open spaces, and first-rate facilities.

  1. Merlin Rise

Merlin Rise, another active project in Kidderpore Kolkata, rises tall at Rajarhat. The property offers 2 and 3 BHK apartment spaces for those looking for a premium house. Property prices range between 34 and 62 lakhs. The project will be completed by June 2027. The Merlin Group is in charge of the project’s infrastructure development. These houses provide a luxurious lifestyle with the greatest facilities. A podium, gym, and swimming pool are among the main features.

  1. PS Navyom Phase I

This project is intended to provide a rich and opulent living environment. Vinayak Group and PS Group worked together to build the infrastructure. The tower offers flats and duplexes with 3, 4, 5, and 6-bedrooms. PS Navyom Phase I homes are priced between 2.10 crores to 7.02 crores. New Alipore is the project’s construction location. This project’s properties will be ready for occupancy in August 2025. The property now has 176 units available for purchase and boasts world-class amenities.

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