Kolkata launches the single-window search mechanism for property arrears information.

Even though this facility existed previously, the individual doing the search had to visit many departments to get information.

On Saturday, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) announced the launch of a service to obtain an encumbrance certificate against specific premises or assessee numbers, which will assist prospective buyers and investors in determining whether there are any outstanding debts against the address in KMC records.

Even though this facility existed previously, the individual doing the search had to visit many departments to get information. On Saturday, a KMC official agreed that the previous method was inefficient and that the new facility will greatly simplify property transfers.

KMC assessment  

According to KMC sources, the comment was solicited from a number of civic departments prior to the facility’s debut, including survey, assessment, building, water supply, and sewage and drainage. “We needed the data from these departments before we could officially open the facility and make it available to the public,” a KMC official said.

Binod Kumar, the city’s municipal commissioner, said the facility would make doing business in the city easier. “We want to make sure that no citizen is harassed unnecessarily. The commissioner stated, “The essence of this civic initiative is to assist individuals in obtaining encumbrance certifications without bother.”

Unpaid property tax with a break, unpaid tax on account of water supply and drainage, pending case in the tribunal, and pending licence fee amount are all subject to inquiries.

Impact on businesses

The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India, an umbrella organisation for builders, as well as real estate consultants who engage in property sales, have praised the move, saying it will make doing business easier.

To find out about overdue sums, a prospective buyer of a house or a developer wanting to buy a property must make inquiries in multiple KMC departments, including property tax, water, and sewage. “Getting search results from each department normally takes at least a week to ten days. It will save time and effort if the KMC implements a single-window system,” said CREDAI Bengal president Nandu Belani. Before a building plan may be submitted for approval, arrears must be cleared.

Realtors also stated that it would be especially beneficial to individual property buyers who would otherwise be unsure of which departments to contact or whom to pursue in order to obtain the necessary information. NK Realtors’ Biplab Kumar stated, “This is a very progressive decision.”

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