Kotak Mahindra Bank cuts home loan interest rate down to 6.5% for customers, avail now!

Big news for all the Kotak Mahindra Bank customers as the bank initiates a total of 15 bps (basis points) cut down on their home loans, lowering it from 6.65 to 6.50% per annum. 

A recent press release from KMBL confirms that the bank is offering such a rate on home loans. The offer is accessible for both salaried & self-employed customers.

Kotak Mahindra indeed started the festive season on a positive note, making all their existing and new customers happy. However, the loan only stands for a limited period. Loan applicants can grab the deal between September 10th to November 2021, the private sector lender declared.

The bank put out the statement recently. It furthermore confirms that the loan offer is for both new home loans and balance transfers. Therefore, it is functional across each loan amount and links to borrowers’ credit profiles. 

This is such happy news for all of the customers of KMBL, as many people are struggling hard to get through tough times due to the outcome of the year 2020. This loan offer will be a blissful beginning to creating a happy home for future loan prospects.

Following this thought, the President – Consumer Assets of Kotak Mahindra Bank, also said: “People are looking for comfortable residences where the entire family can work, entertain and spend quality time together.” Thus, keeping comfort in mind, the decision has been made.

Seal the deal

He furthermore includes that this home loan brings one’s dream home to come to reality with a minimum wage of 6.50% interest rate. And, we couldn’t agree more!

This is truly a golden opportunity for people to build their dream house and start a happy family. As Kotak has always given great deals on bank offers, this new deal wasn’t a huge surprise but is a great one indeed.

Besides, applying for home loans is now easier than ever, especially when it comes to KMBL. The entire process takes place in online mode as well. However, the preferred and error-free method will be the old-fashioned way. Visiting the bank and availing of the loan is the easy way. It is quick and without much hassle.

The loan furthermore connects to an instant in-principle sanction procedure with Kotak Digi Home Loans. It makes the process much smoother, especially for first-time loan borrowers; it can be a smooth experience.

Moreover, the loan covers insurance options and is applicable to buy property at impressive premiums. For online applications, there is no fee demand whatsoever. But, the loan applicants are liable to provide age proof, being an individual within 18 to 65 years. 

It is indeed a great deal that Kotak has initiated. And, it processes with zero charges on foreclosure or payment. The 6.5% rate per annum is such a considerable rate this season that one shouldn’t miss it. As the offer validates within a month from now, grab your deal, contact the bank now!

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