Lavish Pune neighbourhoods that help you live life luxuriously

Pune, Maharashtra’s cultural centre, is growing importance in terms of property prices throughout time.

The number of affluent neighbourhoods in Pune has also increased as a result of new start-ups and multimillionaires looking to invest in these locations. In these Pune premium residential districts, backed-up crowds, i.e. old inhabitants with ancestral plots, have traditionally attracted luxury apartment builders and real estate investors.

Let’s take a look at an in-depth overview of Pune’s top ten wealthy districts.

New Kalyani Nagar

New Kalyani Nagar, an expansion of Kalyani Nagar, is seeing significant residential and commercial growth. New Kalyani Nagar is conveniently accessible to other popular areas in Pune. This location is very convenient to the airport and railway station. Because it is also an IT hub, it has garnered popularity among the IT community. Koregaon Park, another wealthy suburb in Pune, lies next door to New Kayani Nagar. There are also flats and luxury residences from well-known builders, making it a premium district in Pune. There are several restaurants, bars, and shopping centres in this region, so residents need not be concerned about entertainment.


Erandwane is home to various film schools, including the renowned Film and Television Institute of India. This is one of Pune’s most costly residential districts, and it has expanded dramatically in the last 3-5 years. It has well-established facilities and infrastructure, making it one of Pune’s affluent districts. Erandwane is the best choice for those looking to purchase vast and elegant villas. There are possibilities for large bungalows, high-end flats, and housing complexes, among other things. It is quite convenient to commute here because it is close to both the railway station and the airport.

Shivaji Nagar

Shivaji Nagar is one of Pune’s greenest neighbourhoods. This neighbourhood is home to a number of key government offices, city courts, and educational institutions. This location gained appeal as well-known builders purchased property on which to construct homes. Because to rising housing demand, this area of Pune has developed into a luxury neighbourhood. The vegetation in Shivaji Nagar entices many locals to invest in real estate here. Real estate is flourishing in this area, and land prices are likely to climb even more in the coming years.

Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park is well-known for its lush vegetation and immaculate cleanliness. This is a well-known area in Pune with business companies and elegant houses surrounded by nature. Koregaon Park is not just a renowned residential area, but it has also become a business area. This neighbourhood contains a lot of eateries and pubs that are popular with the young people. The well-planned roads here are a godsend when it comes to travelling to Koregaon Park. The Agha Khan Bridge connects to the city centre.

Boat Club Road

Boat Club Road is a beautiful and upscale neighbourhood in Pune, located to the east of the city. It offers villas and bungalows that are ultra-luxurious. The Royal Connaught Boat Club inspired the name of this location, which is a popular hangout for well-funded start-ups in Pune. The Pune-Mumbai motorway connects this neighbourhood to the rest of the city and is a major factor for its expansion. Within a 2-kilometre radius, you have access to all necessary amenities. Because this is one of Pune’s most affluent neighbourhoods, the rents are exorbitant. Boat Club Road is conveniently located near a train station and an airport, making travel convenient. Because there are several entertainment alternatives such as malls, food booths, market locations, and so on.

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