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The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, or CMDA, is a legal entity within the Tamil Nadu government.

Its tasks involve granting clearance for all property in the Chennai metropolitan region and controlling physical development.


The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) conducts surveys and provides reports for each location in the Chennai metropolitan region. Kancheepuram, Chennai, and Thiruvallur are the three administrative districts that make up the state, with a combined size of 1189 square kilometres.

It is the sole legislative authority with the authority to design and compile maps for municipal planning and development. The grand plan for such general improvement of the Chennai metropolitan region is also included in these expansion plans.

A new town can be established in any territory that is under the authority of the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. It can also outsource its responsibilities to any other entity or authority.

What is planning permission, and how does it work?

Before undertaking any construction on their site or plot, every real estate builder or developer must obtain Planning Permission (PP) from the CMDA. According to the Town and Country Planning Act, planning authorization is required and therefore is effective for three years from the date of issuance. You need not to apply for planning approval if you get CMDA certified layout designs from a real estate function Object.

How can I acquire permission from the CMDA?
  • To obtain a planning approval application form, go to the CMDA, Town Panchayats, Panchayat Union Office, or Chennai Corporation Municipality offices. There are two types of applications to choose from. Type ‘A’ is only for planning out lands for construction purpose, whereas Forms ‘B’ and ‘C’ are for landowners’ undertakings.
  • To obtain CMDA clearance, you must submit a variety of designs. Such designs should provide a complete site plan, altitude, room layout, and lot of essential, and should follow the CMDA criteria.
  • You’ll also need to provide signed sale or lease documentation, as well as approval from a government agency.
  • The CMDA clearance will arrive in 45 days and will be valid for three years. Then after, you’ll have to go through the same steps all over again.
  • If you make any modifications to the approved plan, you will need to reapply for CMDA certification.
  • Following the approval of your application, CMDA will send you a payment request.
For CMDA approval, you’ll need the following documents
  • A comprehensive site design that clearly distinguishes the location.
  • Height, layout, and structural dimensions of a structure that is being built or developed.
  • The site’s location is a key plan.
  • permission from the authorities (if needed).
  • Documents for a sale deed or a lease deed.

Plots that haven’t been approved

The number of unauthorised plots in the region has increased since the Tamil Nadu government restricted the conversion of agricultural lands into residential areas. The CMDA seizes these unauthorised plots and auctions them off. As a result, if you’re thinking of buying a site inside the Chennai metro region, be sure it’s CMDA authorised.

The longer you possess an unauthorised plot, the more you’ll have to pay in penalties. This includes the time leading up to the sale deed’s execution. It is also prohibited to provide water, power, and sewage hookups to structures constructed on unauthorised property.

When a structure is constructed on unauthorised property, it runs the danger of being destroyed without warning.

Things to think about before purchasing a piece of land or building a house in a residential neighbourhood
  • The seller must be able to exercise control over the land.
  • Ascertain that the land has a CMDA-approved layout that has been authorised by the local government.
  • Examine the patta as well as the encumbrance certificate.
  • The Park grounds and roads should have been given to the appropriate municipal government via a gift deed.
  • The plot’s bordering road should be maintained by the local government.
  • Examine the building’s completion certificate.
  • Ascertain that the strategy adheres to the development control guidelines.
  • Obtain CMDA planning authority as well as local building clearance.
  • Prior filing to the CMDA for approval, all certifications and documentation should be validated.

If any of the following criteria are not maintained, severe consequences will be imposed.

How can I verify if a layout has been authorised by the CMDA for 2021?

Click here to see the entire list of CMDA approved layouts until 2021. The PPD approval number, the corresponding local bodies and villages, and an official copy of the CMDA authorised layouts may all be found here.

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