MahaRERA introduces a QR code for accessing project information.

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has pioneered the use of QR codes to deliver clear details to prospective homebuyers with a single scan. The Gera Planet of Joy Project in Wagholi, Pune, just received the first project registration certificate with a QR code from MahaRERA. All new projects registered with the Authority will include a QR code, and existing project registration certificates will gradually include the code as well.

How do purchasers gain access to project details using QR codes?

Scanning the QR code on the project registration certificate, which is accessible through the MahaRERA portal, allows homebuyers to quickly obtain important project information. The scan creates pertinent data such as the project name, promoter information, completion date, registration date, legislative approvals acquired, and others.

What type of data may be obtained by scanning the QR code?

Homebuyers may also use the QR-code scanner to obtain essential information such as any modifications made to the project’s authorised plan, modifications given to the project’s legitimacy, and any recovery orders filed against the project. Buyers can also learn about the project’s financial health and timeliness by reviewing the contents of complaints and warrants issued against it.

What details are contained in Form 5?

Furthermore, purchasers may now acquire important information using Form 5. According to RERA standards, developers must deliver quarterly and semi-annual reports on construction progress and financial updates. Homebuyers can verify this information by scanning the QR code on the registration certificates of freshly listed properties. According to a MahaRERA official, earlier project registration certificates will be updated with the QR code over time.

MahaRERA was the first to establish a Conciliation Forum as an alternate avenue for grievance resolution. Home purchasers and developers can meet with conciliators appointed by MahaRERA to address grievances outside of court. The practise of geo-tagging projects with information on the social infrastructure around a registered project was also adopted by MahaRERA.

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