Modern Decorations for Ganpati that are Eco-Friendly

  1. Fabric buntings

By using fabric buntings instead of plastic ones to decorate your space, you may reduce your plastic waste generation! During the holiday season, disposable home decor contributes to a variety of plastic waste, either through the packaging or the décor itself, making those material buntings an excellent substitute. These are made from leftover cloth, ensuring that material waste is also repurposed and is no longer sent to landfills. Since the buntings are made mostly of cotton and jute, maintaining them is very simple. When you’re through using the product, shred it into little pieces and mail it together with your wet waste!

These buntings are the most simplistic and environmentally friendly Ganpati decorating ideas, yet they have the power to brighten a whole room.

  1. Homemade candles

That hand-made diyas are another item to include on your list of green Ganpati decoration ideas. These four handcrafted clay items, which come in a set of four, were created by local Indian artists. The product may be recycled and disposed of environmentally because it is composed of mud. The puja space in your home or your pandal will practically be lit up by this! Three mini and one large Diya are included in the set. We’ve utilized plastic-free packaging using cardboard boxes, dry glass, small gift boxes, and other recycled material to ensure that the product doesn’t shatter.

  1. Fabric lanterns

Although lanterns have traditionally been used during Diwali, you may brighten the Ganesh pandal with those made of bamboo baskets and handwoven materials. These handmade, recycled lanterns are constructed from cotton Khun cloth, a traditional fabric from Maharashtra. Additionally, they may serve many purposes, which makes them incredibly accurate. The lantern is completely reusable since you may turn it into a bag after using it as one of your own green Ganpati decorations. The product is packaged entirely without plastic, making it entirely sustainable.

  1. Palm Leaf Lanterns 

Without a few lanterns, redecorating your home for the holidays is lacking. Although there are many paper or plastic lanterns available, those palm-leaf lanterns are a sustainable option that might last you for months or even years! These lanterns are made of linen, paper, and palm leaf and are wrapped carefully to prevent damage. The designs are simple yet timeless, and they might add to the holiday spirit for each tournament this winter!

  1. Personalized Paddy Torans

This 100% sustainable, hand-made paddy toran will beautify the entrance to your home. This toran is made from natural fibers and weaved by hand by rural craftspeople. This toran is a great way to decorate your front entrance during Ganesh Chaturthi, and it can be composted or disposed of with other dry debris after usage. One of the best green Ganpati decorating ideas for the home is this!

  1. Copper holders 

This copper tea-mild holder known as the “Foliole” is a charming complement to your green Ganpati decorating ideas for this year, along with our soy wax tea lighting lights. Flowers served as the design’s inspiration, as evidenced by the four-petaled copper votive. You may employ as a gaggle on a central desk or as nook accents for the pandal to contribute to the festive settings. These are entirely sustainable and handcrafted. Using the soy wax tealights next to this also ensures that no harmful gases are released when they are lighted, thus reducing any harm to the environment and our health.

  1. Copper oil lamps

Those copper oil lamps are a step up from candle lighting fixtures and are a must for Ganpati puja. These hand-spun oil lamps add to the contemplative atmosphere of the Ganesh puja and are inspired by the hemispherical domes of the stupas of Sanchi. These lights are hand-spun from copper and brass sheets, and the fuel chamber can accommodate up to 25 ml of oil. These lamps just need to be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and may be used for each pooja during the festival season.

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