Nellore Urban Development Authority (NUDA): Everything You Need to Know

What exactly is NUDA?

Nellore Urban Development Authority is the abbreviation for Nellore Urban Development Authority. That is the planning authority for the Andhra Pradesh districts of Nellore and Chittoor.

The Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Region and Urban Development Authority Act, 2016, established NUDA on March 24, 2017, with a jurisdictional area of roughly 1,644.17 km. NUDA has 19 mandals with 145 villages in Nellore district and 2 mandals with 11 villages in Chittorr district, including its headquarters at Nellore. NUDA governs Kavali, Gudur, Sullurupeta, and Naidupeta municipalities in addition to Nellore Corporation. The NUDA site may be found at

The goals of NUDA

NUDA is accountable for drafting, implementing, and supervising the necessary prior development strategy as an urban development agency. NUDA has the authority to act against unauthorized structures and designs. It’s indeed responsible for issuing development approvals for structures and layouts, as well as supplying facilities in the development zones. The purpose of NUDA is to create recreational amenities for the residents of the development area. It is also in charge of constructing commercial complexes and stores on government/municipal/panchayat land in order to generate cash to administer NUDA and carry out developmental projects.

NUDA: Design and Development Proposal Approval Request

These layout and zoning laws are also available on the NUDA site under the development section. Every citizen who wishes to engage in building work, including new and repairs, must first acquire approval from NUDA. When asking for building/layout approvals and an occupancy certificate, licensed engineers and architects must first register with NUDA. Because NUDA is the development authority, you must contact NUDA for any permissions. By selecting ‘Application for Layout and Building Plan Approval’ from the NUDA homepage’s Online Services, you may proceed with the online application for layout and building plan approval.

Users will be directed to, the Online Building Permission System (OBPS), which incorporates operations such as online application filing, drawing examination, and online payments to provide residents with computerized approvals. You may approach the helpdesk at 9398733100 if you have any questions about this online service (10:00 AM TO 6:00 PM Monday to Friday)

You can start your application on this website and complete the permissions procedure by filling out required forms and adding accompanying papers and plans to your request. Paying the application fees online after you’ve submitted this. After that, you’ll receive SMS and email notifications at various phases of the application, such as payment, reception, site visit, and so on.

Download application forms from NUDA

Under the planning tab, you may download application forms for applying for different NUDA approvals. will be your destination. Clicking on the ‘download’ button again for form that corresponds to your request, which must then be completed out and sent to NUDA.

NUDA Charges and fees

Click on ‘Fees & Charges’ under the planning page to see the fees and charges that you must pay NUDA when applying for approvals. Fees are charged for designs, changes in land, construction permits, site clearance, verified photocopies of construction plans and design blueprints, NOC, capital costs, and paper publishing costs, along with other things.

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