New Buildings will have rooftop gardens in Mumbai


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to make terrace gardens a requirement for all new homes with a plot size of more than 2000 sq meters.

The flow is part of a plan by the BMC’s Gardens Department to grow inexperienced cowl within the town, for which it has recommended changes to the town’s Development Plan for rooftop gardens. According to officials, the civic body would meet with developers such as the Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI) and the National Real Estate Development Council. The Gardens Department’s draught policy suggests making it mandatory for every builder/developer to perform vertical gardens at least on the main road going through elements at some time during construction.

The coverage will help Mumbai increase its inexperienced cowl, which is facing challenges because of land scarcity. The improvement plan branch must examine the viability of making podium gardens mandatory for major projects [greater than 2000 sq meters] under the Development Control Regulations (DCR). “Some local tree varieties with shallow root systems or medium length cover should be placed at podium level for developing inexperienced cowl while also ensuring shape balance,” BMC bushes and lawn superintendent Jitendra Pardeshi said.According to the draught covering, the shape’s stability and waterproofing must not be jeopardized. The rooftop gardening must include an irrigation system.

When approving designs for the development of dwellings or other structures, care must be given to ensure that sufficient earthen/soil area is maintained for the proper growth of huge trees.” Also, if at all possible, permeable tiles should be made mandatory at the floor level to allow for water percolation,” it says.Former mayor Dr. Shubha Raul suggested the concept of making rooftop gardening mandatory in 2019. Following her request, then-Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta believed that such rules might be incorporated into the DCR.

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