Maharashtra imposes a 1% metro cess on all property purchases


From April 2022, the Maharashtra government is expected to increase the stamp duty on dwelling registration by one percent, just in time for Mumbaikars to indulge in domestic purchases during the auspicious season of Gudi Padwa. Will this stifle the momentum of domestic shopping?

After a little respite from stamp duty rises, the government is poised to increase it by one percent to a strong rate of six percent of the settlement cost, up from the current five percent. Would this suffocate sentimental domestic shopping? Last yr, Mumbaikars rejoiced when stamp obligation fees fell within the metropolis. According to Knight Frank India’s India Real Estate January – to June 2021, MMR saw a 53 percent year-on-year (YoY) increase, with sales of 28,607 devices in H1 2021 over 18,649 devices in H1 2020.

Low stamp duty, a reduction in domestic mortgage rates, and financial recovery following the first wave all contributed to the strong overall result. Domestic income, on the other hand, returned to normal once the low stamp responsibility costs of 3 percent were phased out in April 2021.

According to statistics issued by way of IGR Maharashtra, Mumbai saw a total of 10,379 dwellings registered in February 2022, a 27 percent increase over the previous month and a two percent increase over the same period the previous year.

What is the reason for this increase? Maharashtra’s newest decision to charge a one-cent Metro Cess on asset acquisitions would take effect on April 1, 2022.

This decision appears to have sparked a flurry of domestic shopping for activities. This one is in sync with the cent. The Metro cess is a shipping fee that is used to support transportation infrastructure projects like the Metro, bridges, and flyovers within the state. It is also expected to aid in the repayment of the debts used to build the Metro project.

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