Real Estate: Extension Given to Town Planning Adalat Applications

The city corporation of Thiruvananthapuram has given an extension to receive the Town Planning Adalat applications. Initially, the last day of filing the applications for Town Planning Adalat was 18 August 2021. However, the date has now been pushed to 26 August 2021.

The Town Planning Adalat was supposed to be held on 7 September this year but has now been postponed. The new details have not been announced yet.

The Town Planning Adalat accepts applications for procuring a completion certificate, building number, and permit for all residential constructions in Thiruvananthapuram. The residential buildings considered eligible for application have areas equal to or below 120 square meters. The applications have been pending for a long time in the corporation office of Thiruvananthapuram.

Adalat has assigned a format for sending in these real estate applications to their office with proper documents attached to the application form. All the real estate applications are received at the main corporation office or zonal offices of Thiruvananthapuram. 

The Adalat will consider already pending applications for approval and may not accept new applications. The applications or files pending with the Town Planning Adalat having an old file or receipt number, any notification issued by the corporation, or the applicant has a copy of the original application will be considered eligible for processing.

Thiruvananthapuram Adalat sees fewer Real Estate applications 

The city corporation of Thiruvananthapuram has received less than 200 applications for various approvals of residential real estate this year. In the past years, the city corporation officials have rejected multiple applications owing to deviations from norms or violations of zonal or building norms. 

Many applicants have earlier submitted applications for building or land clearance for housing that either come under future proposed development works or public property like parks and open spaces. 

What Next?

To deal with such applicants or applications, the authorities had assigned an application format that demanded to know the reason for land or residential property clearance, including its location. If the application has been rejected before, the applicant also needs to submit its details for furthering the process.

The Town Planning Adalat of Thiruvananthapuram will soon announce the date to hold a session for clearing pending residential real estate applications.

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