Realtors urge NRIs to purchase luxury houses

Real estate developers have begun marketing high-priced homes to consumers and purchasers in the US, UAE, the United Kingdom, and Southeast Asia as they begin to see growth in those areas, which is aided in part by a weakening rupee.

According to a recent exchange report, NRI investments in Indian real estate might increase to $14.9 billion in FY22.”Like Singapore, we’ve seen a growing demand for and queries from NRIs, particularly from the GCC, USA, and UK regions. Due to the recent fall of the rupee, tighter regulatory control increased transparency, and loosened investment requirements, these clients are concentrating on high-priced real estate investments, according to Reeza Sebastian Karimpanal, president-residential, of Embassy Group.

According to research, NRIs make up the majority of India’s overseas UHNI population, and about 55% of those who own non-public real estate there will purchase a second home. The real estate firm DLF has also dispatched personnel to Dubai, Hong Kong, and London to treble the number of NRIs shopping for luxurious, expensive homes. According to a top DLF official, about 15% of the consumers of the incredibly expensive project Camellias by DLF are NRIs. They have also shown interest in the company’s recently unveiled project “The Grove,” which sold out entirely in just 8 days.

NRI purchasers’ needs are met by India’s expensive housing industry, which offers items like ultra-luxurious villas, villaments, large condos, and branded apartments. “NRIs are finding it simpler to invest in real estate here thanks to the strengthening of the US dollar against the Indian rupee. According to Sriram Mahadevan, managing director of Joyville Shapoorji Housing, the investment is cost-effective when compared to the rupee to the dollar exchange rate, and the profits are alluring as the market achieves financial equilibrium post-Covid.

NRI clients mostly seek out aspirational and expensive homes, which are increasingly being offered through the exchange in significant quantities. “NRIs represent a sizable portion of the development organization’s target market. For the latter, it is wise to spend time and money sending businesses abroad solely for overseas marketing and advertising to NRIs, as it is a global demographic that’s crucial for the success of everyone working in the real estate industry, according to Nitin Chopra, founder & CEO of Vary Worldwide Property Funding. Construction companies have started holding roadshows, participating in real estate fairs, establishing particular tie-ups with various channel partners, and implementing virtual outreach initiatives.

“The need for the security offered by their home country, along with the rupee’s significant devaluation, has given NRIs more robust purchasing power for real estate in India. A few incredible benefits of investing in expensive homes include capital growth, acceptable rental returns, and continuing an NRI’s international way of life, according to Karimpanal.

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