Smart City projects in Mangaluru will be completed by December

V. Sunil Kumar, the district in-charge and Minister for Energy, Kannada, and Culture asked people to bear with a few inconveniences during the execution of the Smart City Minister’s outstanding works until December.

Mr. Kumar told reporters following his visit to a number of the projects undertaken by MSCL and the Mangaluru City Corporation that MSCL was responsible for 48 projects. In a few areas, 50 percent of the work was completed, while in others, work is nearing completion.

“I have instructed police to do the majority of the job by December.” As the monsoon approaches, I’ve asked them to take all necessary steps to avoid water-logging and other problems as a result of the ongoing construction. “However, people must deal with a few issues,” he explained.

With the finishing touches on such projects, the city will seem unique over the next several days, he noted.

Mr. Kumar noted during a visit to Mangala Stadium, where MSCL is building a new pavilion, bathrooms, and a gym for athletes, that the State Government will be looking for funds under the Khelo India Scheme to strengthen the stadium’s infrastructure.

When officers expressed a need for additional funds to purchase mats and other primary infrastructure for the upcoming indoor stadium in Urwa, Mr. Kumar stated that some of the ongoing civil works could be scaled back to free up funds for primary infrastructure, which is required to begin Kabaddi, Badminton, and other indoor video games at the new stadium.

Mr. Kumar, who was inspecting the work at the provider bus stop, told the officials that they needed to finish the roadside drain work as soon as possible to avoid water logging. He also asked authorities to provide new shelters at the provider bus stop, which would give private businesses that invest more prominence.

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