Smart Dubai: 4 Things You Should Know

When it comes to the pleasure and contentment of its citizens, Dubai is continuously looking for more. As a result, the government intends to make Dubai a smart city on all aspects.

One of the stages toward achieving this goal is the Smart Dubai online platform. Scroll down to learn more about the system and how it may make your life easier.

1. What Is Smart Dubai All About?

Smart Dubai is a Digital Dubai online portal. All government efforts, programs, and initiatives aimed towards digitizing the emirate are housed here.

Also it exposes you to a variety of smart solutions and services where you can take advantage of as a citizen, expat, or investor. It was established following the debut of the Dubai Smart City project.

2. What Is Smart Dubai’s Purpose?

The purpose of Smart Dubai is to provide an uniform website for the government’s different online services.

Not only that, but it also exposes you to a smart way of life that saves you effort and time across all aspects.

The establishment of this website was made possible by the collaboration of four professional entities:

  • Electronic Security in Dubai
  • Dubai’s Government Establishment Is Smart
  • Dubai Statistics Centre
  • Dubai Data Establishment

You can utilize all of the material and information on this website without hesitation because it comes from reputable sources.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to new and creative programs that will allow you to access a variety of services with a single click from the comfort of your own home.

3. What are the Smart Dubai Initiatives and Projects?

Smart Dubai has a number of programs aimed at enhancing and speeding up the city’s digitisation process in several industries.

Furthermore, some of them were in use prior to the debut of Smart Dubai and served the same purpose.

The following is a list of projects and initiatives that were introduced prior to the establishment of Smart Dubai:

  • Paperless. It began in 2021 with the goal of eliminating paper in all government agencies and replacing it with digitalization. This might save up to 1 billion sheets of paper from being consumed in everyday transactions.
  • RTA eWallet: In 2013, the RTA introduced the eWallet, that allows you to conduct safe online payments.
  • Salik RFID: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is utilized to collect Salik toll fees throughout its several smart gates, reducing traffic congestion and saving time by eliminating the need to go by physical gates and pay in cash.
  • Smart Nol Card: The RTA introduced the Smart Nol Card in 2013. You can use instead of cash to pay for public transit.

Following the inauguration of the Smart Dubai program, the following initiatives were launched:

  • Smart Cities Global Network: In Dubai, the government has begun to build a range of smart cities. Smart technology and machines are applied with in infrastructure, activities, and operational techniques of these cities.

The Dubai Smart Cities initiative is a more advanced and luxury housing choice in which you can live in a world-class environment.

  • Makani is an Arabic word that means “my location,” and it was first used in 2015. Makani is a smart addressing scheme in Dubai that provides each building a distinct 10-digit number.

You can use this number to find your position on Google Maps or Here Maps, or to search for a certain building.

  • Encouragement for start-ups: This one is for all the innovative brains that want to build their own businesses. Dubai is welcoming all entrepreneurs as it implements a series of strategies to provide you with the ideal investing and growth environment.

4. What Services and Apps Does Smart Dubai Provide?

On the Smart Dubai website, you’ll find a variety of services for everyday use. They are backed by a variety of smartphone applications that make it simple to use and make payments.

Here are some of the areas where this platform may provide you with high-quality service:

  • Residential.
  • Health
  • Investment
  • Occupational opportunities
  • Business
  • Transportation
  • Obtaining information

The following is a list of Smart Dubai applications that are presently available:

DubaiApp now: It’s a must-have app for everyone living in Dubai. This application allows you access to over 120 government and private sector services. You can also use it to safely pay for any service you use.

UAE Pass App: For maximum protection, you can only use your National Digital Identity and Digital Signature to utilize numerous government services. This is far more convenient, as you won’t have to worry about remembering credentials or mails.

Happiness Meter: One can evaluate the government’s many services throughout the city so that they are always aware of your thoughts. This allows them to focus on the areas that require development while also keeping you pleased.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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