Sohna Road vs New Gurgaon, which is a better investment option?


The real estate markets in Gurgaon‘s Sohna Road and New Gurgaon are both expanding quickly. Sohna Road has the advantage of being closer to the city center, yet New Gurgaon offers homes at competitive prices. One must be aware of all the factors before making an investment decision because there are several in play. Sohna Road connects Sohna and Gurgaon and is around 21 km long. It is home to several well-known areas, including Sectors 49, 70, and 71. Although it is hailed as Gurgaon’s upcoming real estate hotspot, it is no longer within the price range of many potential homeowners.

On the other side, New Gurgaon is a developing area that includes Sectors 81 to 95, of which Sectors 85 and 86 are incredibly well-known. Despite being supported by way of low property costs, the people face difficulties due to the city’s poor connection and municipal infrastructure. Both regions are expanding on their terms, which presents investors with a unique mix of challenging circumstances and opportunities.

Looking at historical rate patterns, Sohna Road hasn’t produced an exponential rise in housing costs or, contrary to what was predicted, a surge in commercial activity. Due to better connectivity, several MNCs chose to locate their headquarters in Cyber City and adjacent to the Huda City Centre metro station in Sector 29. As a consequence, plenty of capacity residential demand had to be moved away from Sohna Road, according to Vikas Arora, Owner, of Oxford Realtors.

He further adduces that, compared to Sohna Road, Golf Course Extension Road offers purchasers higher-quality and more recently built dwelling options within the price range of Rs 60 lakh to Rs 2 crore. These homes provide better services at about equal prices and have more potential for capital growth.

The upcoming 21 km Sohna Elevated Road, a significant shipping infrastructure project linking Rajiv Chowk with Sohna through Badshahpur, Bhondsi, Alipur, and Ghamroj, may benefit Sohna Road in the future. By providing connectivity between National Highway (NH) 48 (near Rajiv Chowk) and the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway, the stretch may help to clear the route of traffic. By the time this expanded road is operational in 2022, it would have a significant impact on property values along Sohna Road in several sectors.

On the other hand, New Gurgaon is still in the early stages of development. The area is prepared to provide its people with a better quality of life thanks to improved social and civic infrastructure in the form of massively scaled sewerage and drainage systems. Additionally, the area is expected to hold a high demand for housing in the mid-to-long term due to its closeness to National Highway 8, the industrial complexes of Manesar and Gurgaon, as well as the Industrial Model Township.

The decision made in late 2019 to move the Kherki Daula Toll Plaza from the beginning of New Gurgaon to Panchgaon by the end of 2020 will streamline connectivity to the area and will also cause a rate increase shortly, according to Arora of Oxford Realtors.

A first-rate rate increase is anticipated for New Gurgaon shortly as a consequence of improved connectivity and social and municipal facilities. Sohna Road, on the other hand, is expected to improve as the maritime infrastructure in the area improves and more businesses relocate there. The planned Metro link in each location is also anticipated to improve the financial condition in the future.

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