The city of Navi Mumbai has extended its property tax amnesty program

The municipal corporation in Navi Mumbai has extended the property tax amnesty scheme to the end of February for property tax debtors.

Tax debtors are required to pay the overdue property tax plus a 25% penalty under this program. They would receive a 75 percent refund on the entire penalty owing on their homes as a result of this. Nonetheless, the program is limited to residential property holders but does not apply to commercial property owners.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) launched this scheme on October 1, 2021, for a period of two months. After then, this was prolonged until January 31, 2022. That’s the civic body’s third addition. Because of the severe impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on employment, organizations, and enterprises, this scheme was prolonged. Nevertheless, NMMC has stated that this is the final extend, and locals must take advantage of it.

The civic council had invited the recognized 119 property tax defaulters to settle the required amount digitally, notifying people that if they did not pay the pending property tax by the extended deadline, their seized properties would be sold.

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