The Guide to Renting an Apartment in Chennai

Chennai is perhaps India’s largest city with the most diverse and interesting culture. With sanctuaries such as Parthasarathy sanctuary, Kapaleeswarar sanctuary, and Ashtalakshmi sanctuary, Chennai has long been known as the ‘City of Temples.’

Unlike other major cities, Chennai maintains its traditional attractiveness of ancient Madras while maintaining a balance of innovation and progress. On most roads in Chennai, you’d be distressed not to come across a sanctuary of breathtaking design and brilliance. Chennai is also known as the ‘Detroit of India’ because of its auto industry, which accounts for over 60% of the country’s total. In addition, well-known companies like Dell, Sony, Nokia, Alcatel, Foxconn, and others have established design bases and centers in Chennai. Because of the booming growth in the clinical travel business, Chennai is known as the clinical center point of India and has become a top-notch specific location for numerous clinical medications and procedures.

Price Trends

You can rent a place anywhere in Chennai with the average rent of apartments starting from 6K to 18K depending on your preferred locality and most importantly your budget. But learning a bit of Tamil will surely come in handy. While the majority of the population is Tamil, there are still several minorities from all parts of the nation who have moved here. While knowing Tamil is advantageous, most areas of the city also use English for advertising. Assuming you’re worried about not understanding the local language, locals in Chennai are incomparably polite, kind, attentive, and neighborly, and will always extend a helping hand.

Social Amenities

Chennai is undoubtedly the finest place for shopping in terms of general stores, convenience stores, and shopping malls! Pondy Bazaar, for example, is a well-known business district in Chennai that provides everything from dining to fast-food shopping. For all your shopping needs, you may also try Ranganathan Street and Usman Road. Express Avenue, Forum Mall, Spencer Plaza, Phoenix Market City, Ampa, and VR are just a few of the finest shopping malls in Chennai.


Chennai is also connected to one of the major street networks, the Golden Quadrilateral, as seen by its easy access to other regions of the city as well as other states like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. Surprisingly, Chennai also has one of Asia’s largest bus terminals, the Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus. The Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Chennai’s municipal transport management, is the city’s most important and cost-effective mode of transportation.

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