The Maharashtra government is investigating the distribution of designated lands to builders without their permission

Thane: The state now will investigate the municipal corporation’s allotment of reserved and facilities and amenities plots to private builders without seeking government permission, according to urban development minister Eknath Shinde, who was addressing to a query raised by MLA Pratap Sarnaik in the state Assembly recently.

The state urban development department will investigate how the corporation neglected to notify the state government, and the firm will be required to seek approval from the state for all upcoming work, according to Shinde. “At any and all costs, we will ensure that the interests of buyers who may have engaged in such ventures are protected.”

Sarnaik had sought clarification on a’resolution’ made by the Thane municipal general body permitting builders to economically utilize portion of the land by giving out amenities and reserved plots to builders at 125 percent above available reckoner prices for building of amenities. He had asserted that because the ideas had not been approved by the state government, their implementation using the scheme’s advantages could jeopardize their fate.

The general body had previously approved a plan by the Thane corporation, under which private developers or owners of reserved and amenity plots may buy them back from the municipality for 125 percent of ready reckoner prices. The developer would build the facility and recoup expenditures by economically utilizing the project’s saleable components.

Ever since inception under Shinde’s term, at least eight developers have taken advantage of the program, with the municipality earning Rs 64 crore as a result.

“The plots were given to builders, and began construction using the scheme’s advantages.” It’s unclear whether the previous requests were approved illegally. And if that’s the case, why is the firm currently delaying all proposals?” Sarnaik inquired.

“Those who had requested approval had started construction, but new applications were stopped saying the procedure was unlawful, thereby causing uncertainty among builders,” claimed BJP corporator MrunalPendse, who had also discussed the issue with Thane general body. TMC’s senior bureaucrats declined to comment on the situation.

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