The Yamuna Expressway: A New Beginning

Yamuna Expressway has been a major real estate destination in recent times due to its open space and pollution-free lush environment. The ongoing construction of the Jewar International Airport will further increase the real estate potential of this area. As the prices of land in Greater Noida, particularly industrial land, have gone up, investors are looking to the Yamuna expressway area for investment. The arrival of industries will bring in jobs, which will drive the real estate classes of the area together. The Jewar airport will be a major boost to the area’s real estate potential. In the next 4-5 years, this area will become self-sustainable in terms of employment, markets, and transport.

Yamuna expressway has been a long-awaited route for commuters in the region, as it not only reduces travel time between major cities but also provides an opportunity for large-scale real estate development. By connecting the small villages in the area to the Yamuna expressway through several service lanes, the expressway plays an important role in the growth of nearby cities by attracting large-scale residential and commercial development projects. Additionally, Yamuna Expressway’s well-maintained educational infrastructure and related commercial and residential segments make it an attractive investment option for buyers.

Yamuna Expressway has become one of the top real estate destinations in India. With Noida International Airport and Film City as its focal points, Yamuna Expressway is a city unlike any other. In addition, the Yamuna Expressway has also become a hub for industrial, commercial, and corporate sectors. However, the residential segment has caught up with the rest of the developments in the area. Several industries are operational, and the construction of hospitality, institutional, and recreational as well as the construction of corporate and retail facilities is progressing at a rapid pace. Yamuna Express Highway is becoming an integrated city in the real sense.

51,200 residential units were launched between 2013 and H1 2022 along Yamuna Expressway. It is interesting to note that 82 percent of the new supply was launched between 2013 and 2014. No new launches were launched in 2021 or H1 2022. Due to the reckless activities of a few of the developers, several construction delays were experienced and projects were put on hold. Out of the total new supply of 51,200 units, only 23 percent are ready to move in. This delayed the development prospects of the Yamuna Expressway for some time and property prices remained more or less flat. While a few projects may remain in limbo, the realty market in the area is now recovering with the Jewar international airport project taking off.


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