Tips to stay fit during the lockdown

Our everyday routine has taken a back seat because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to this, the amount of physical activity that we do has also reduced. With almost no social life, people are bound to be at home, this, in turn, has made foods like oily snacks, ice creams, and sweets a lot more comforting. And hence, has led us to our weight gain journey.

Of course, the main advantage of having a healthy diet and working out is your mental well-being. Stress and anxiety can be reduced by doing yoga or exercise. This comes in very handy during the lockdown when people are dealing with frustration. You can follow yoga, aerobic exercises, cardio, Zumba, walking, and Pilates during the Covid-19 lockdown.

1. Fixed time

Stick to your routine and make a note in your calendar about the time you want to get started with your workout.

2. The five-second rule

As we start with a new routine, we tend to make excuses to skip exercise and yoga. Be firm and don’t give in to these temptations. This will condition and reprogram your brain to adapt to this new routine.

3. Do it with a friend/family member

An excellent partner is one who shares your fitness goals. As we are getting used to this new schedule, it is good to have someone to push you and help you in this journey. Video calling a friend or a family member while working out can be a great idea.

4. Set a small goal

Here’s a tip: The key to a good workout regime is setting small goals. Avoid taking big steps as they seem unreachable and make you feel demotivated. Take small steps and achieve smaller goals, it will increase your enthusiasm.

5. Listen to your favorite music

To do some physical activity, listening to your favorite music can be a good motivation. Many audiobooks are trending these days, one can switch music with them.

6. Watch and workout

Watch workout videos for motivation. We can find various yoga and exercise videos on the internet. These videos explain how each and every exercise is done. Some of these workout experts also suggest some healthy diet tips

7. Challenge yourself

Along with fitness videos, there are many fitness apps available as well. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many people take up these fitness challenges to keep themselves fit. These challenges help you achieve small goals.

8. Track your fitness

Watching yourself get fit is a very big motivation. Hence, journal your progress almost every day. This will help you understand the amount of stamina you have.

9. Mix up the routine

Mixing up a few new routines to make one that suits you as following the same routine can get a bit monotonous. Do this on a weekly basis for best results. 

10. Follow a diet plan 

Sometimes just working out and exercise doesn’t help, one needs to start a healthy diet to really see the change. 

11. Put on your workout outfit

Putting on your running shoes and that athletic attire can instantly put you in a mood to work out. This will definitely kickstart your workout regime.

12. Treat yourself after a success

Whenever you achieve your goals, ensure to treat yourself to your favorite cuisine. Remember to always have a cheat day as being too hard on yourself won’t help.

A disciplined yoga and exercise regime and a healthy diet plan can keep you fit during Covid-19. Apart from this, workout and healthy food can also improve your immunity against Coronavirus pandemic.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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