Top 10 Easy Ways to make your House Sustainable

Sustainability is a way of life today and can be applied to numerous lifestyle choices. It is to no one’s surprise then that people would choose to make their houses sustainable.

Living a responsible and sustainable life has become a philosophy for many today. Indeed there must be more awareness as the world is in a climate emergency.

So how can common people have a life that is more sustainable? By incorporating sustainability in their daily routines. A sustainable house is one way to achieve that routine.

Here are 10 creative ideas that will help you build a sustainable house
  1. Solar energy – Solar energy is a cost effective energy source that brings high ROI. The cost of solar energy in India might seem like an investment to you. But it can significantly lower your energy bills in the future. Solar panels are slowly gaining popularity in India due to more awareness about coal shortage.
  2. Non-toxic, local building materials – Investing in non-toxic building materials reduces the impact on the environment. Moreover, sourcing these materials from local businesses reduces the transportation cost. It boosts the local economy and reduces the environmental damage caused by transportation.
  3. Succulents and other indoor plants – You do not need to be an experienced plant parent to take care of succulents. Getting indoor plants is an effective way to purify the air. Remember when people in Delhi were splurging on air purifiers? You can save costs by buying local indoor plants from the nursery instead.
  4. Energy-efficient appliances – Overconsumption of energy is a serious issue. It not only impacts the environment adversely but also increases the cost of living. Buying energy-efficient appliances is responsible and economical. The higher the rating on an appliance, the more it will save energy.
  5. Compost pits for kitchen waste – Vegetable scraps and other types of kitchen waste can be effectively used for compost pits. Compost pits are easy to build and maintain. Instead of letting your household waste go to landfills, consider having a compost pit for biodegradable waste.
  6. Eco paints – Did you know that it is illegal to wash paint in sink in some countries? This is because paint contains many harmful chemicals which are not eco-friendly. Eco paints are a new, non-toxic formulation that prevents such harm. Eco paints are also healthier for those using the building as the chemicals used are less volatile than regular paint. It can prevent breathing problems and allergies.
  7. Rainwater harvesting – Harvesting rainwater is not a new idea. However, it has become necessary to do so in contemporary times. Unpredictable climate changes have made it necessary to harvest rainwater and use it for household chores. A simple water tank could help reduce any future water shortage.
  8. Low-flush toilets – One flush wastes as much as 6 litres of water. Investing in a low-flush toilet can help you reduce the water wastage significantly. A low-flush toilet uses up to 4.5 litres or less.
  9. Monitor sensing lights – These lights are not merely uber-cool in their aesthetics. They sense human presence and switch on and off accordingly. This is a boon for the absent-minded, who often forget to switch off lights once they leave the room. Moreover, it saves you bills in the long run.
  10. Energy-efficient windows – These are a relatively modern option in India. Such windows adjust according to the weather and keep the room warm or cool. These windows are insulated properly to ensure that your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer.
Bonus tips for a sustainable house 
  • Reuse and repurpose old furniture and clothing.
  • Invest in organic bedding options
  • Have proper waste disposal options handy
  • Create heating and cooling effects with natural resources like khus, instead of relying solely on the air conditioner
  • Teach your children to live sustainably.
Key takeaways

What we understand about sustainability is that it can be an investment. If you want to build a sustainable house, you will need to spend relatively more money in the present.

However, most of these options are far healthier than regular options. These will not only reduce the impact on the environment but also improve and protect your health. Moreover, statistics show that building a sustainable house yields higher returns on investment.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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