Top locations for retirement homes close to Mumbai


Pune is a fantastic retirement destination due to its incredible street connections, great climate, advanced exercise facilities, and significant vegetative cover. Despite being a growing educational and IT center, Pune has seen an increase in the demand for retirement homes.

However, because most senior living facilities are located outside of Pune’s city limits, they may be more affordable than those found within it and cost around one-third of what a facility in Mumbai would.


Neral, which is around 90 km from Mumbai, has shown a modest expansion within the hotel industry as tourism has increased. The area has also gained popularity as a location for retirement homes. The Karjat-Murbad Road or State Highway 79 provides easy access, and Sai Hospital and Morya Hospital are nearby major medical facilities.


Panjim is ideal for active retirees due to its enticing seaside lifestyle and recreational activities. The vista is stunning as it leads to the Portuguese-inspired building that is encircled by vegetation. Senior citizens choose Goa neighborhoods like Bambolim. Panjim has a strong social infrastructure with a wide range of dining options and entertainment options. Healthway Hospital, Vintage Hospital, and Trinity Healthcare and Research are just a few of the outstanding healthcare facilities in the area. 


Another peaceful retirement holiday destination is Surat, which is located on the banks of the Tapti River. Formerly known for its silk weaving, Surat is today a hub for the fabric industry. Along with facilities such as Adventist Wockhardt Heart Hospital and Shalby Hospital, it has a well-established social infrastructure. The thirteen-kilometer-distance airport that serves Surat is accessible by NH-8. 


The once-a-year Kumbh Mela is the reason Nashik, a historic town on the banks of the Godavari, is known as a popular pilgrimage destination online. It’s located 190 kilometers north of Mumbai and is also known for its vineyards. They have outstanding clinical centers online and are near the major hospitals.

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