Top places to live in South India

India is a country with the most diverse culture, historic beauty, cuisine, and worldwide historical past cities, among other things.

As a result, living here may be cheerful, colorful, tough, and demanding, but never dull. People can live their lifestyles at any of the three periods of their lives: education, business/job/startup, and retirement.

As a result, relocating to a new town necessitates extensive research because there are various factors involved in the potential you’re looking for when starting your life in a new town in India. Don’t fret we’ve resolved this procedure for you. So that you may focus on your schooling, career, job, and retirement without worry.


Coimbatore is an ideal holiday place for seniors because of its low cost of living, little pollution, and excellent connections. It’s Tamil Nadu’s second-largest city, and its fabric industry has earned it the moniker “Manchester of India.” Apart from that, Coimbatore is also known as a training center, having more than 70 engineering, arts, and sciences colleges.

Recently, the city has attracted a lot of attention for the renowned Isha Yoga Centre, which is visited by people from all over the world. As a result, the metropolis has become more cosmopolitan.


Finally, we have Pondicherry, another well-known seaside location. Apart from the beaches, the city is also known for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville, which draw a large number of visitors each year.

Since the union territory of Pondicherry was under French authority until 1954, their influence may still be seen in the architecture.

Pondicherry is connected to Chennai through Mahabalipuram on the East Coast Road. In addition, the metropolis has train connections to other parts of the nation. Even though there is an airport, there are currently few flights available.


The following city is Vishakhapatnam, sometimes known as Vizag. It is the most important city in Andhra Pradesh, as well as the simplest city with a natural harbor on the east coast. In addition, it is home to India’s oldest shipyard.

It is a well-known tourist destination that is well-known for its beaches. A trip along the pedestrian promenade alongside Ramakrishna Beach is enjoyable, while nearby Rushikonda Beach is perhaps the greatest in the state.

It is well connected through ports, rail, and airways.


Kochi is the second-place finisher. Massive Chinese fishing nets, a 450-year-old synagogue, antique mosques, and Portuguese and Dutch-generation mansions could all be found in this metropolis.

Kochi, the entrance to the Kerala tourism sector, has excellent connections via railway terminals and a worldwide airport.

The metropolis also includes a metro rail system that starts at Aluva and runs to Maharaja’s College Stadium. The second one, as well as a 0.33-mile length of metro rail, are also in the works.

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