Weekly News: Navi Mumbai Metro, Mumbai dam stock, RBI, Chennai water crisis and Assam floods.


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This week’s top story in a minute
  1. Navi Mumbai’s upcoming metro line work is currently on halt. Metro line II and III work delayed, the trial of the metro line to be held in November 2019.
  2. Mumbai rains are taking a toll on the citizens but it has surely improved the dam stock due to heavy rainfall. But even after heavy rainfall and water logging everywhere, dams are yet to meet the overflow mark.
  3. According to the RBI study, Housing has become less affordable and Mumbai is the least affordable city in India. This clearly says that there is nothing as affordable housing.
  4. Chennai Water Crisis: Chennai is suffering from a severe water crisis in recent times. Water from Vellore has been supplied to Chennai by a special train on Friday to help people from the water crisis.
  5.  Assam floods: 26 lakh people affected and 11 dead due to floods in 33 districts of Assam.

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