What exactly is Sunmica? Sunmica Application, Characteristics, and Benefits.

Are you in the process of remodelling your home? Are you undecided between Sunmica and laminate? First and foremost, keep in mind that Sunmica and laminate are interchangeable. Sunmica is a dependable laminate brand. Sunmica became synonymous with laminates in the same way that Xerox got synonymous with photocopying. As a result of how well-known and renowned that brand has become, Sunmica is a phrase that everyone employs primarily to describe laminates.

Sunmica, what is it, and how does it work?

Sunmica is a laminate from the reputed company Advance Laminates that has a smooth finish, longevity, economy, and a variety of functions. In the 1960s, Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation and Formica International formed a joint venture, and Formica India Limited began selling laminates. Sunmica was introduced by the firm in 1998. In 2011, the company changed its name AICA Sunmica. While looking for furnishings or carpeting for your home, you may have come across the terms ‘Sunmica’ or ‘laminate.’ Sunmica is the final layer that is frequently applied on woodwork.

Applications for Sunmica

Sunmica may be used in almost every room of your home. Sunmica wood design may be used in a variety of applications such as furniture, wallboard, worktops, roofs, and flooring. It is also less costly than genuine wood, which makes it a great option among homeowners.

Sunmica’s key characteristics

Sunmica is noteworthy due to its broad use and usage such as:

  • The Sunmica sheet design is unique, providing your rooms with a distinctive style.
  • Sunmica sheets are completely formed of phenolic compounds.
  • The item has an 11-year warranty against colour degradation.
  • It is resilient to the weather and extreme temperatures.
  • It has potent antimicrobial activity properties.
  • The papers are all the same thickness.
  • It is extremely durable.
  • It is not susceptible to fracture.
  • It is stain-resistant, making it excellent for household use.
  • It is steam resistant and suitable for use in kitchen furnishings.
  • Carpenters are often well-versed in its use.
  • Architects, interior designers, and homeowners frequently employ Sunmica sheets.

Sunmica Benefits

Laminates are scratch-resistant and long-lasting, and they can withstand some wear and tear, heat, and humidity. Nevertheless, exercise precaution while using them near a damp area because they may deform if added to moisture for a lengthy period of time.

Many of us in India choose composite material as a thing on top of furniture (tables, sofas, and wardrobes) because they are considerably expensive than acrylic or membrane coatings. If properly treated, Sunmica designs, furniture, and flooring may endure a very long period of time.

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