Which is preferable, an independent house or a PG?

The PG is a shared flat with roommates, whereas the apartment provides you with a private unit of your own. You have the full living area to yourself in the apartment. a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and one or more bedrooms. Renting an apartment is equivalent to home ownership. Everything that has to be done, including laundry, cooking, and bill-paying, must be done by you.

However, in the PG you live in a shared apartment or room. You will have a private space. However, the kitchen, living room, and bathroom are communal spaces. Additionally, you have the option of having a roommate.

In PG, you won’t have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities. You get fed, and the PC owner washes your washing. Additionally, he handles the invoices. You only have to pay a set monthly charge. Additionally, entertaining visitors is less expensive than renting an apartment. This is the case since you and your roommates split the rent.

Affordable rent

PG charges less than an apartment does. Food, power, WiFi, and laundry are all included in the price. The monthly rent includes everything. Along with other renters, you split the rent. This lowers the expense of maintenance. Since you have the entire space to yourself, apartments have greater rent. You must additionally make separate payments for power, cleaning services, and food.


Numerous conveniences are provided by a PC. You don’t need to stress about making dinner. The majority of GGs feed their detainees. The owner of the PG also pays the bills, cleans, and does laundry. Students and professionals don’t have to pay extra for Wi-Fi as many PGs also provide it.


Since you share your living space with a lot of other individuals, a group is safer than an apartment. Frequently, the owner resides in the same building. Apartments are not the best option for single residents; PGs are. In an emergency, you have people you can trust. It might be problematic to live alone in an apartment in a new city. However, PG offers a supportive environment to help you feel secure.

Home Food

There’s no need to eat junk food if you don’t have the time to prepare meals yourself. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are offered daily, and they are all nutritious and home-cooked. You may also get culinary tools from the owner. Therefore, you won’t need to spend money on new kitchenware and other equipment. Additionally, your monthly rent already includes the cost of groceries.

A PG is the perfect place for professionals and students to stay. Numerous services are available to make your life simpler. You have a finite amount of resources as a student. You cannot pay for opulent lodging with pocket money. Additionally, your starting budget is constrained. Personal computers are the ideal choice in these circumstances since they provide extremely reasonable accommodations. If you don’t have time for cleaning or other obligations, they are also appropriate. Your landlord will supply you with food and other necessities. You can then pay attention to your work or study.

Additionally, you have a network of locals who can show you the city’s most significant landmarks. You won’t feel lost in a new environment as a result. Additionally, you are surrounded by others in case of an emergency.


Families that need more solitude and space will find the flats to be perfect. You can rent an apartment if you and your family have relocated to a new city. You are not required to live in a shared residence with other people. Your family will get some much-needed seclusion in this manner. Additionally, you’ll have a lot of room. And you may style the interior whatever you like. In PG, this is not feasible.

Choose PG if you are a student or a solo worker. You’ll be able to converse with others nearby. Additionally, it will provide extra services like food and WiFi. However, if you intend to remain with your family, it is preferable to pick an apartment. You have more room, flexibility, and privacy as a result.

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