Dorm Room Delight: Liven Up Your Hostel Space with These Decoration Tips!

Decorating your hostel room or PG (paying guest) space is a great way to personalize and liven up your living area. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Which is preferable, an independent house or a PG?

The PG is a shared flat with roommates, whereas the apartment provides you with a private unit of your own. You have the full living area to yourself in the apartment. a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and one or more bedrooms. Renting an apartment is equivalent to home ownership. Everything that has to […]

The Advantages of Choosing to stay in a PG Accommodation

If you are considering renting a paying guest (PG) accommodation, you may be wondering what the advantages are. Guardians and their wards are frequently concerned about whether a PG would be as secure as a college dorm, or whether handling everything alone in a PG will be difficult. The result will differ from one PG […]

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