Why Kaggalipura Near Bangalore Is Attracting Plot Investors!


Off Kanakapura Road, in the outskirts of Bengaluru, lies a rural neighbourhood called Kaggalipura. The location is on National Highway NH 209 between Bengaluru and Coimbatore, roughly 20 kilometres south of Bangalore. The village’s name comes from the Kaggali tree (Acacia Catechu), which is widespread in the neighbourhood. After clearing the area of numerous Kaggali trees, the settlement was established. Patallamma Devi is their Gramadevate, and the vast majority of the locals are Hindus.

Plotted dwellings make up the majority of Kaggalipura’s residential areas. There is a considerable quantity of green space in the area. Kagglipura is adjacent to the cities of Uttari, Navkalpalya, and Kaglipur. In the area, two well-known developers are Max Concorde and Brigade Group Mantri Developer.

About Bangalore’s Kaggalipura

The hamlet of Kaggalipura is in the Bangalore district of Karnataka, India, in the Bangalore South taluka. It is located 24 kilometres from Bangalore’s district headquarters. The Bangalore South subdistrict administrative centre is also 24 kilometres distant (tehsildar office). According to 2009 census data, the village’s gramme panchayat is Kagglipura.

The settlement has an area of 939.18 hectares. Kaggalipura has a population of 12,452 people, 6,611 of them are males and 5,842 of whom are women. The quality of education in Kaggalipura village is 67.89%, with 73.26% of men and 61.82% of women literate. Kaggalipura village has around 3,012 homes.

Accessibility to Kaggalipura

  • Kaggalipura and Uttarahalli are separated by 13 kilometres, whereas Majestic in Bangalore is 23 km distant.
  • Global Village Tech Park Rajarajeshwari Nagar is located 17 kilometres from Banashankari Temple, which is located 16 km distant.
  • The distance from Electronic City to Kengeri via NICE Road is 21 kilometres.
  • Sri Sri Ravishankar Ashram is 1.5 kilometres and Meenakshi Mall 16 kilometres distant.
  • Beside NH 209, there is a sizable and well-known lake.

Kaggalipura Plots

Plots ranging in size from 1,200 to 1,500 square feet are offered for between Rs 20 and Rs 45 lakh. Plots ranging in size from 4000 to 5400 square feet are available for as much as Rs 1.2 crore. European-style residences, such as Concorde Napa Valley, are offered in luxury layouts. They range in price from Rs 99 lakh to more than Rs 3.5 crore. Kaggalipura is a good location for land investments. This is owing to its convenient location and inexpensive costs.

Principal Motives for Investing in Kaggalipura

The following are the main justifications for investing in Kaggalipura:

Educational institutions: SVN Public School, Edify School, DAV Public School, and Jyothy Institute of Technology are among the educational institutes in the region. The other well-known academic establishments include Hillside Ayurveda Medical College, APS Technology, and Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidhya Mandir (SSRVM).

Hospitals: Shri Shri Ayurveda Hospital and Banashankari Hospital are located in the area. Other healthcare facilities in the Kaggalipura region include Nano Hospital, Vasavi Hospital, and BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals.

Shopping Centers: The Royal Meenakshi, The Arcade at Brigade Meadows, and Art of Shopping are three shopping centres close by.

Finally, Kaggalipura, Bangalore

Kaggalipura is a tranquil neighbourhood on the outskirts of Bangalore, near Kanakapura Road. The property is located around 20 kilometres south of Bangalore on National Highway NH 209, which connects Bengaluru and Coimbatore. Its tranquil surroundings are enhanced by good road access. Additional advantages include reduced air pollution and reasonable plot pricing. This tranquil area near the Art of Living complex is home to a number of conventional or villa designs by well-known developers. European-style residences, such as Concorde Napa Valley, are offered in luxury floor plans. The costs might range between Rs 99 lakh and Rs 3.5 crore. There are inexpensive lots, hospitals, malls, and strong connection in the region.

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