Why renting an apartment in Pune is the best choice to make?


Pune is a youthful and bustling city that resembles a smaller version of Mumbai. Pune, also known as Maharashtra’s cultural capital, has a long history of rich culture and customs, with strong ties to literature, music, and theatre.

Although Marathi is the city’s native language, residents frequently speak Hindi and English. Pune has a lovely climate all year because of its location in the scenic foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains. Furthermore, it is not as cold as the winters in North India or as hot as the summers in South India. In July, August, and September, Pune receives a lot of rain. Pune would always refresh you with a good time over a cup of tea, even if you are stressed from work.

Price Trends

The cost of rent is an important consideration throughout the relocation process since it will set the tone for all of your costs and budget. The cost of life in Pune is quite low, as are the prices of restaurants and intercity transport. Should look for a location closer to the job to save time and money on travel.It’s not difficult to locate dormitories in Pune, and it’s always simpler to find aresidence in Pune than in Mumbai.Avoid the city center in areas such as Rasta Peth, Kasba Peth, and others since it is always busy. The average rent for an apartment starts from 10K to 18K for 1BHK and 14K to 35K. Places like Baner and Aundh are the best-recommended spots for renting a perfect and budget-friendly house.


Unlike Mumbai, which has the best buses and a convenient rail link, Pune has only one local train system that connects Pune station to Lonavala. There is no metro or monorail system currently, but it is being built and should be operational by 2022. However, Pune has excellent highway and motorway links. You may use the Pune MahanagarParivahanMahamandal Limited bus service, Bus Rapid Transit System, or a tricycle rickshaw. To avoid traffic and the afternoon heat, pick a spot within 3 miles of work, regardless of your mode of transportation.

Social Amenities

Pune, in addition to being less expensive, safer, and more spacious, has a diverse range of retail malls and shopping complexes to fulfill your needs. Shopping complexes such as Phoenix Market City, Amanora Town, Seasons Mall, Inorbit, and Pune Central will cater to all your demands if you are a shopaholic. MG Road, Laxmi Road, and FC Road will have you yearning for more when it comes to roadside shopping. Due to the accessibility and ease of the prime location, there are numerous activities to do in Pune.

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