All About Gaothan properties of Maharashtra!

Gaothan is the Marathi word for “village” (“gao” – village, “so” – place). Gaothan are the sections of land that make up a village, town, or city. Legally, Gaothan is a location that is a part of a village, town, or city, in accordance with Section 122 of the Maharashtra Land Tax Code. This shows that in addition to a town, Gaothan may also refer to a site inside a city or metropolis. When specific requirements and circumstances are satisfied, some portions of the city are regarded as Gaothan.

The majority of the builders in Navi Mumbai are constructing flats on land known as “SADE BARAH TAKKA” or Gaothan 12.5% expansion project. In this instance, the CIDCO initially gave the land to a peasant from the area (the gaonwala) in return for his farm, which the CIDCO then took over. Who would profit from this arrangement is determined by land revenue records and a document known as 7/12 (saat baaraah 7/12). Talathi, Tehsildar, Patwari, Collector, etc. villages.

If the property is covered by public systems like the Gaothan 12.5% covered is (GES) CIDCO programme, where they are transferred to a third party upon payment of a transfer fee, the buyer will receive a clear, legal, and negotiable title from the authority authorising the sale or transfer of the property to prospective buyers.

According to standard acquisition procedures, the land owner in Gaothan must sell it to CIDCO before it can be sold to the developer. On the Gaothan property, the developer may build a dwelling system before offering it for private purchase.

If you use this strategy, purchasing a property from a qualified builder who has constructed homes in Gaothan is risk-free. There are, however, some buildings that were constructed without CIDCO’s assistance immediately in the Gaothan region. There may be a danger in such circumstances, so carefully study the specifics. These installations are not unlawful, even though there are some measures that must be taken to make them legitimate. Because there is a possibility that a property you purchase directly from an owner is jointly held by more than one sibling.

To make sure that the Title from landowner Gaothan in your name is transferred safely, several permissions and processes must be fulfilled. It is important to consult a lawyer or other authority with experience in this kind of real estate transaction due to the intricacy of Gaothan property concerns.

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