Four modifications that might make your house more senior-friendly

Age is a key risk factor for accidents, and older persons are at the highest risk of death or injury from tumbles both inside and outside their homes. One cannot change anything outside of your house. You may, though, make your house more senior-friendly by adopting a few alterations. The recommendations provided below will help you increase elder comfort while also lowering the chance of falls significantly. These techniques do not need large structural alterations and are simple to implement in homes.

Managing Differences in Flooring Levels

Floor level inequalities can be minimised by using sloping thresholds constructed of non-slippery materials. This would reduce the danger of falls while also making wheelchair movement easier. In the case of independent residences, a modest ramp along with steps might be built at the main door. Metal ramps that collapse might be another alternative.

Slip-resistant flooring

The second critical factor is to ensure that the flooring is non-slippery. Wooden and vinyl flooring might be explored as alternatives to tiles, although they may take longer to install. Certain floor coatings can also make floors nonslip.


Adequate illumination is essential to avoiding falls at home. Higher wattage lamps can be used in light fittings to improve the lighting level in homes. Constant power flow via UPS/inverter can assist older individuals in avoiding complete darkness amid rolling blackouts. Rechargeable emergency lamps hooked in continuously in rooms might be a quick and easy way to provide a constant source of light. Such emergency lights should have their own power outlets.

Bathroom alteration

Bathroom grab bars are vital because they can help avoid falls. Small adjustments, such as installing a shower bench with a hand shower in a bathroom, can help older adults with mobility concerns. Doors should be wide enough for older persons who are restricted to wheelchairs to move comfortably and freely into restrooms and other rooms. The positioning of CP fittings is critical and should be evaluated to verify that they are senior-friendly.

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