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L&T Realty, the real estate division of Larsen and Toubro, was founded in 2011 and is a pioneer among Indian real estate developers. The employer is currently located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The employer’s extensive portfolio spans 6.50 million rectangular meters (or 70 million square feet) across Residential, Commercial, and Retail complexes. Through innovative design and top-notch operations, L&T Realty is committed to creating landmarks of excellence and inspiring customer pride at every point of contact. Through its promises and integration of the power of digitalization and new technologies into its core development strategy, the business has developed a reputation for standing.

The real estate division of Larsen & Toubro is called L&T Realty. L&T is a leading Indian multinational company with operations abroad that specializes in technology, engineering, development, manufacturing, and economic services. Over 30 countries throughout the world feature advertisements for its products and buildings. L&T has gained and maintained control in its core business lines for more than seven decades through to a solid, customer-focused strategy and a never-ending pursuit of top-magnificence pleasant. L&T Realty has made a highly successful foray into the real estate industry by adhering to the philosophies, ethics, and work method that have been the driving forces behind its sustained growth. This success is supported by the discerning employer’s rich experience of over 75 years inside the construction business.

With its openness, customer-focused approach, and the constant pursuit of world-magnificence pleasant, it has transformed the real estate industry in India. With several residential, commercial, and retail developments, L&T Realty has a strong presence in Chandigarh, Southern India, and Western India. The employer is committed to creating excellent markers. This is shown in its business parks designed to support continuous operation 24 hours a day, its highly sought-after residential complexes and houses, as well as the currently under construction biggest Transit Oriented Development in India, Navi Mumbai’s Seawoods Grand Central.

L&T Realty is working with Omkar Realtors and Developers to build Crescent Bay. Mumbai’s Parel neighborhood is a gated residential development. Six towers on a raised pedestal make up the complex, which is arranged in the form of a crescent with the Arabian Sea in the background.

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