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After accounting for an asset’s depreciation or amortization, the WDV or write-down cost technique of depreciation is arrived at. In a nutshell, WDV is the asset’s current value.

Over time, there is likely to be a loss in the cost of an item due to wear and tear. Section 32 of the Income Tax Act of 1961 allows for such depreciation to be taken into account when calculating the cost of an asset. WDV depreciation is estimated for tax purposes, and the Act allows for computation of both physical (buildings, manufacturing units, and equipment) and intangible assets (trademarks, patents, franchises).

So, how can calculating WDV depreciation benefit you? Know that if an asset is used for more than 180 days, a 50 percent depreciation is allowed for the year. The asset doesn’t need to have been used during the previous 12 months. If the asset is leased to the lessee, the taxpayer can claim a deduction under the Income Tax Act.

Calculating the WDV depreciation helps you to save money on taxes. Companies must also calculate written-down cost depreciation to forecast earnings and losses. In the absence of such write-down cost depreciation estimates, organizations will have no indicator of actual profitability and may fail due to inaccurate valuations.

The written down cost strategy is also known as the reducing-cost strategy, the lowering stability, the lowering installment strategy, or the fading stability strategy. The written down cost approach is sometimes referred to as e-book cost or internet e-book cost.

The WDV approach provides knowledge about the depreciated asset cost, which may subsequently be utilized to determine the asset fee.

Higher depreciation in the early years immediately results in lower taxes.

Although the WDV methodology is the most realistic and widely used method for calculating depreciation, it has its own set of drawbacks. For example, 12 months after 12 months, the asset’s unique charge escapes attention in a written-down cost depreciation approach. Second, the asset cannot be subtracted down to zero.

Furthermore, any interest in the funds invested within the asset is no longer taken into account. The written down cost method also necessitates extensive ee-e book-keeping but determining the best price might be difficult. However, when calculating the WDV depreciation of a plant, equipment, or vehicle, the write-down cost method is the best.

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