All to Know About the Ludhiana International Airport!

By June 2023, Ludhiana International Airport, which is in the Indian state of Punjab’s capital city of Ludhiana, is expected to be open for business. The INR 2,400 crore airport is planned to significantly positively impact the local economy and tourism sector. A 3,000-meter runway, a state-of-the-art terminal building, and a capacity for more than 2 million passengers per year will all be features of the airport.

The residents of the city and the surrounding areas have long been calling for the development of the Ludhiana International Airport. The area, which is among the most industrially advanced in the nation, is home to several small and medium-sized businesses as well as several respected academic institutions. The airport’s operationalization is anticipated to reduce travel times and increase commercial prospects by offering direct air connectivity to important cities throughout India and eventually the rest of the globe.

Although the Ludhiana International Airport project has been in the works for a while, the actual building didn’t start until 2019. The Punjab government and the Airports Authority of India collaborated on the airport project (AAI). The state government will supply the essential infrastructure, such as the roads and power, while the AAI has been charged with carrying out the building work.

Thousands of direct and indirect employment are anticipated to be generated by the Ludhiana International Airport project, both during construction and after its operation. The airport will also provide the area’s economy a much-needed boost because it will likely attract several hotels, eateries, and other businesses. With travelers from all over the world anticipated swarming to the city to discover its rich cultural history, historical landmarks, and natural beauty, the airport will also significantly increase the tourist business.

The Ludhiana International Airport is anticipated to significantly improve the city’s reputation. The city would be able to display its industrial and economic capabilities to the globe once the airport is operating. Real estate values are anticipated to rise close to the airport, which would provide the city’s real estate sector with a significant boost.

In conclusion, it is anticipated that the operationalization of the Ludhiana International Airport would significantly benefit the local economy and tourism sector. The locals are excitedly anticipating the arrival of the first flight as the airport is scheduled to open in June 2023. The airport is anticipated to grow into a significant air traffic hub for the area and play a significant part in its future growth.

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